Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Playground

My husband is pretty amazing.  He built this totally awesome playground in our backyard.  He has been planning, replanning, shopping and stockpiling playground equipment since 2009 and no it has been constructed and it rocks.  There is a speed slide and a tornado slide (ben calls it the tomato slide...nice).  There is a tunnel between two 7 ft towers, there is a swinging bridge between two other towers that you can't really see in these pics.  There is a rock wall, cargo net, punching bag, track line, multiple sets of rings, a trapeze/bouy ball, rope, twisty swing, 2 tire swings, a baby swing, a glider, 5 or 6 swing spots...I forget...monkey bars, 2 fireman poles and a multitude of binoculars, periscopes, pirate wheels, instruments etc attached onto the framework.  It is one of the wonders of the world I am pretty sure.  I probably forgot some stuff on it too!
When Keith first finished it, Ben would ask if we could go to the park in our backyard.
Zeb likes it so much his hair is standing straight up! hahaha...I'm not sure what is up with his hair...but I LOVE it!

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Shannon said...

That is unbelievable!!!

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