Friday, May 4, 2012


I have a secret...ok it is not a secret if you know me.  I am one of the world's top worst money managers!  I suck.  We have half heartedly been following Dave Ramsey's steps to financial peace but it has really been hard to live like no one else so later we can live like no one know what I am talking about if you know what I am talking about...haha!

We don't do so good depriving ourselves of things.  I eat out way more than I should.  When we were really, really, really tight I was doing really good at not splurging.  Then when the crunch eased a  little bit I went back to my old ways.  We starting keeping the little kids home from daycare (saving like $1200 a month) we have hired a part time mothers helper (about $200 a week).  I still can't bring myself to have a yard sale...oh the horror of having a yard sale...I can't do it!  If I were a gazelle, I would have a yard sale, sell all my clothes at a consigment store and sell everything else on ebay.  I wish I could hire someone to do all that gazelle stuff for me but i think hiring someone to do it kind of defeats the purpose of doing it.

No, we don't ever use credit cards.  We do leave extra money in our checking account as cushion...that we (mostly I ) spend on stuff.  We do things like the trip Keith and I took..although my work paid for a lot of was still way more money than we should have spent.  Then I feel guilty and confess on my blog..haha.

Seriously, it is hard- really hard for me to say no to things.  This summer, I am working a ton of locums to make some extra money - so I literally don't have any vacation until after Christmas.  The money is going to go to a new roof and paying taxes.  I am not even going to get the satisfaction of using that money to pay off a credit card. 

Now, don't misunderstand me I am not without perspective.  I know that I am soooo blessed to have as much vacation as I have so that I can work some extra jobs.  I am also so lucky to have come across the opportunities for making extra money.  Things have aligned so that I have been able to take these jobs.  Also, of course, I really, really like what I do so working is mostly a pleasure.  Not as much fun as being home with the kiddos, but it is fun.

I just wish that I was more gazelle and less morbidly obese squirrel at Disneyworld.  I want to be one of those people who writes a blog about paying off 100K in debt in one year.  Instead, I am one of those people who blogs about how they wish they could be one of those people.  There are a lot of us out there.  People who feels inept and ashamed of their "should's"  I should have sold more stuff on ebay, I should have cooked some spectacular casserole out of the 10 lb can of baked beans and the 1/8 boxes of 4 different types of unused pasta with the unmoldy half of the shredded cheddar. 

What I am is someone who keeps changing the big plan and bumping back the date of the "i'm debt-free" call in.  Right now we are looking at sometime in 2015.  Oh well, you can't stop time I suppose and 2015 is better than never....which is what it was before we started with Dave Ramsey's steps for financial peace!

I am sure I will feel better about the whole thing next friday (payday..woohoo).

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