Thursday, June 7, 2012

One of those life changing experiences

Years ago I was working in an ICU and we had a patient that was older...not 80's but not 40's. He was on a ventilator befor I started, so for all intents and purposes, I had never met him. He kept getting sicker and sicker. It became time to find family. He had never had any visitors, his ex-wife and children wanted nothing to do with hi...he had been a mean, alcoholic, mean guy....did I mention mean?

We finally found a great aunt who came in to talk about withdrawing care. She hadn't seen him in many, many years....since he was a child. She told me he had been such a sweet little boy. She remembered him as being so sensitive and always trying to take care of his little brother. When she came to visit he just wanted to sit on her lap and get as many hugs as possible before she left. She eventually quit going to visit because his dad was a mean alcoholic.

We withdrew care and I cried off and on all night for the sweet, sensitive little boy that never got to grow up. Of course all the ICU nurses thought I was a freak. I just kept thinking about a sweet little boy getting the sweet knocked out of him until he became his mean alcoholic dad.

It breaks my heart to know how many kids are getting the sweet beaten out of them by abuse, abandonment, institutional living, starvation. Babies all start out sweet and in need of love, acceptance, affirmation, security. sometimes it is so unfair the hand they are dealt.

Seriously, Human trafficking, child prostitution, child soldiers, child slavery, child-headed households? It makes me sick....orphans who could have loving homes but UNICEF and corrupt foreign governments have some selfish, misinformed agenda that does not factor in the child sitting in the orphanage hoping for a mom whose lap THEY can sit on and get endless hugs.

Every once in a while I am reminded of how fragile childhood sweetness is and I am broken by knowing there are so many kids who have no one to fight for their sweetness.

If you would pray for A in Kyrgyzstan and that his little heart and sweetness is protected, I would appreciate it...I pray for that everyday.


Shannon said...

Always. ((Hugs))

Lisa Brotherton said...

Kindred souls think alike.
Sending you love and prayers for A and all of the lost ones.

Mary from TN said...

Praying for A today.

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