Thursday, July 5, 2012

Benjamin is 4yo

I do have a couple of pictures.  I can't believe that Benjamin is 4 years old.  He is my baby...ok while not officially my baby anymore..that title is officially held by Violet...aka...the baby.  He is my baby boy.  I have it on good souther mom authority that your youngest boy is well....your baby. 

He got a buzz lightyear birthday cake, a new bike and helmet, an imaginext dragon thing with 2 guys on it and a remote controlled car.  Oh and I special  super cool flashing light and funny noise gun. 

He was totally ridiculously excited about it being his birthday.  He kept excitedly saying it was his birthday.  I know all kids are excited about their birtday..but there was just something extra hilarious and endearing about Benjamins' excitement today.  His birthday cake was "the best birthday cake ever", he kept hugging his presents saying he loved his birthday presents before they were even unwrapped.

I know that every parent thinks that each of their kids is totally awesome...and i am no exception.  Benjamin is totally awesome.  I love the way he talks with his is hilarious.  I love the way he asks "what are my other options?" when we tell him to do go to bed.  I love the way he gets all fidgety and huggalicious when he is excited.  When keith was putting on a fireworks display for us last night..he kept yelling "thanks dad" and wanted to get up and run give him a hug every time he lit a good firework.

Ben is my baby.  He is stubborn, smart, loveable, and so sweet.  As far as I am concerned he can stay this adorable and toddler-iffic forever. 

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