Monday, July 2, 2012

the new school year

The new school year for Lilianna officially starts this week.  Her school year runs from July 1- june 30th.  This will mark the beginning of her second full year of homeschooling and I am really excited about this year.  We are adding a whole new level of organization which is aimed at developing her initiative a little more.  She leaves for camp this Sunday for 2 weeks and when she gets back we are going to be ready to start full tilt.

Our curriculum is a little hodge podge.  Language arts and math is still K12.  Science is going to be a mixture of unit studies and time4learning.  K12 was just a little too experiment heavy for me.   History is sonlight and I am adding in lots of extra historical fiction for each section.  I think we might try time4learning's composition program time for 8 week course online and see how that goes.  Electives are dance, singing, and guitar lessons and we will keep k12 art.  We have a lot left in our bible program from last year so we will continue that . 

I have this idea in my head of a laminated wall poster with little pockets for days of the week down the right hand side.  rows with each subject area and popsicle sticks color coded and decorated with assignments written on them.  As she completes the assignment she can move them over to the day pocket. 

If she gets all of the mon-thur assignments done, she can choose 6 sticks from the wildcard things she likes to things on, read a book, play logic puzzles, do an artbox.  She can pick out her friday schedule. 

I am thinking about putting together a work box too, so that her assignments will be easily accessed by her so she can have the initiative to get things done.  I have had trouble getting art projects done because I am not always present during school I am going to put together art boxes...everything needed to complete a project in a box she can just the directions and go to town.

The most important thing for Lilianna is she needs to get a really good night's sleep and she needs to be able to start her assignments and get them done early in the day before she gets too tired or wound up. 

In August it will be just Lilianna and Violet that will be home during the day, so I hope moving work time to the morning will make it a smoother process. 

Last year I tracked hours and we fit school in when I was available to do school with her.  While we got lots done, I think that I had too many subject and a really high bar for accomplishing volume of work.  We are paring down this  year into more manageable chunks and a more organized daily routine.  I am going to approach assignments on a daily basis and track days instead of hours.  I think these changes will improve our school.

I have been working on my parenting mojo...reading new books, watching video series etc.  One of the videos I watched said...there are no perfect parents only parents that are working on it.   haha...that is me.  I think that is me as a homeschooling mom too.  When we first pulled Lilianna out of school, the remainder of second grade was sooo much better than the previous 3 years of school.  Last year was challenging at times.  It was easy to forget what a different and happier little girl Lilianna became after pulling her out of school.  I say without a doubt and without question that homeschooling Lilianna has been one of the biggest joys in my life and continues to be.   I am far from perfect at the homeschool thing...but I am working on it and Lilianna is a lot happier (even if she won't admit it!) and it makes me happier too.

Anyone else have suggestions for keeping stuff organized or really cool ways of helping kids feel motivated and take initiative?

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