Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Being a Christian...what I learned from Chick Fil A

I have refrained from saying anything about Chick Fil a.  I have been really busy and I truly don't have time to follow a lot of the stuff in the media.  I haven't really followed the whole chick fil a thing.  The way I understand it, the 91yo owner guy - who has always unabashedly infused his Christian morals and values into his business - said to a Baptist group and publication that gay marriage is not biblically based and he thought it was ridiculous to oppose God on something that was just so plainly outlined in the bible. 

soooo yadda yadda yadda...gay and lesbian kiss in planned...yadda yadda yadda....chick fil a appreciation day...yadda yadda yadda.

I love me some chick fil a.  There have been times when I can't figure out what I want to eat so I just pull into chick fil a because I like their commitment to helping the community.  I have never been to an adoption conference that Chick fil a hasn't supplied at least one meal if not more for free.  I have been to a number of conferences too. 

I have spent the last week trying to figure out why this became such a huge deal and what do I really feel about it.  I have seen people bitch about how chick fil a hates gays because of what the founder said (totally don't see that as what he said...but maybe I am out of touch), I have seen Christians bitch about other Christians that chose to eat at Chick fil a instead of sending their 5 dollars to orphans.  I have seen liberals bitch about Christians standing in line at Chick Fil A instead of standing in line at homeless shelters to feed the homeless.  I have seen other Christians post the same picture as if they know that the Christians in line don't also give their time to helping the least of these.  Seriously, let he who is without sin cast the first stones dude...or post the first picture, as the case may be.

Ok...how bout all the people slinging harsh words take a look at themselves critically for a minute.  Did every single person who posted that picture of Christians in line at chick fil a slamming them for not standing in line at a homeless shelter...volunteer their time at a homeless shelter?  I am thinking no. 

You know what the owner of Chick fil A does that I wish I did more of....he lives his faith.  He is a business man and he is a Christian and he infuses his faith into his whole life.  I have spent the last almost 4 year of my life trying to compartmentalize my life...my work is here , my family is here, my faith is here.  Mr Chick Fil-a (dude I don't even know his name...I suck!)  is brave enough and strong enough to say...I am not going to open my restaurants on Sunday even during the Olympics in Atlanta when I could make a truck load of money.  He is brave enough to live his faith, even though politicians threaten to prevent his business from opening in their cities ( I think that was Chicago and Boston). 

So what I learned from Chick Fil A is that I want to be more like him.  I started this blog about 5 and half years ago when I was an surgery intern starting the process to adopt Zeb.  I have learned more about life, priorities and what is real in this world in the last 5 years than I could have imagined.  The biggest thing I learned is that I have been wrong in my life.  I have made lots of good choices and lots of bad choices and that is ok.  I am loved.  Part of the compartmentalizing has been to refrain from talking about the peace and joy being a Christ follower has given to my life.  Especially on my blog.  There are not a ton of people that read this blog, but many of the ones that do are not Christians and I have been afraid of not only offending them, but of being judged by them.  Mr Chick Fil A isn't afraid of being judged in a business world that is not only devoid of God, but an environment that mocks God and mocks those who follow Him.

If gays and lesbians show up at Chick Fil A for a kiss in, they are going to get the same awesome service that Christians get there.  Not because they are paying customers and Chick Fil A wants their money, but because Mr Chick Fil A gets that as Christians we are here to show the love of Jesus Christ...not to hate people.  It is their pleasure to serve.  That is not a principle based in capitalism..it is a biblical principle.

I want to be more like chick fil a...I want to live my faith and want it to be my pleasure to serve. 

So what I learned from the Chick Fil A hullabaloo is that I will no longer be a chicken about living my faith (who could resist that pun!).


Shannon said...

Well stated, Michelle. I have always appreciated you and your views. I don't always have to agree with them and I know you don't have to agree with mine. Still, I have never felt that you have looked upon me as less of a person nor have I ever looked upon you as such. I wish we could all live in a world where people just accepted everyone for who they are. Love to you, friend!

Michelle said...

Shannon...you totally rock. Now you don't have to agree with that view...but it is true! I will probably have to beat you up if you even think about arguing with me!

mary said...

I don't think most people take issue with the owner expressing and livings his beliefs. However, his company donates money to several anti-gay groups, at least one of which has been classified as a hate group by some organizations. This has been going on for a long time and is not a new issue. For me, he crosses a line when he supports groups that want to get rid of homosexuality through conversions and deny basic rights to gays. This type of homophobic thinking contributes to violence against gays and the higher suicide rate of gay teens.
We don't have to look too far back in history to see some Christians using the Bible to support their views on slavery and segregation and denying basic rights to a group of people.
I'm all for freedom of speech and putting your values and beliefs into action, but the recent sikh temple killings in WI illustrate what happens when hate groups are supported.

Melanie said...

I love your take on this issue and your bravery to say it!!! I will stand with you and say that I also wnat to be like Mr Chick Fil A and not be a chicken about my faith!!!!!

I love your sense of humor...you make me lol when reading your blog.


Michelle said...

Mary - thank you for posting. I know that there is certainly lots of controversy and I am really woefully un-read on the whole issue...dude I don't even know the chick fil a guy's name off the top of my head! I read the comment he made and can't figure out why everyone got so up in arms. I went to the websites of the 3 "hate" organizations that I could find and based on their current websites didn't see any calls to jail or deport gay men, women, teens etc. None of the three organizations have conversion boot camps, or seek to hurt anyone. Yes, they think that the biblically based institution of marriage should be between man and a woman. I am not sure that having a difference of opinion qualifies someone as a hate group. Although, if it has been fun to read some of the really vague hilarious exagerations on some of the media websites about the "hate" groups Chick Fil A supports.

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