Saturday, August 18, 2012


Yes, we had a joint Lilianna - Violet birthday party today.  Violet was still not interested in the cake...oh well.  She did eat something though....we are barely getting stage 2 food in her but she ate almost an entire little cup of bananas and mixed is a win!

Yes...there are pictures, thanks to Keith's persistence.  I am not sure why I am the worlds worst picture taking mom.  Maybe if I had some sort of smart phone that took pictures I would be a little better about it...probably not! 

We are trying to get some Gazelle like intensity and pay off some bills...but it isn't working so good.  Everytime I work a little extra....we spend a lot extra!  UG...we decided to post our 2 year plan on the fridge and called it "You're goin down calendar".  Maybe if I see out plan every time I pass by the fridge I will stick to it.  We still can't bring ourselves to have a yard sale.  We are working on it though!

Lily had a friend from girl scouts spend the night last night.  They had fun and stayed up super late.  Lily is such an imaginative girl who loves imaginative play.  She tends to gravitate towards kids who are just as crazy as she is...usually that means they are younger...and her friend from Girl scouts is no exception.  Her friend is 7 (Lily is 9).    They were hilarious together though. 

School starts tomorrow for Lilianna.  We started on some handwriting today while I was baking cakes.  oooowwiiiieeee is her handwriting atrocious.  We did handwriting without tears last year and I wouldn't say it was without tears last year and it won't be without tears this year.  Her handwriting is as bad as mine and almost as bad as Keith's - that is saying a lot! haha.

I am rambling....but I am heading to bed now.  The weather is beautiful here...we went out to the pool today for a couple of hours and it is almost too cold.  I think we are going to have to close the pool either this week or next sad.  I LOVE the family time at the pool.  In 2 years we will be able to get a heater for the pool if I follow our "you're goin down calendar". 

Tomorrow is rush around the house and give everyone baths while Keith leaves early to run the lights at church day...i guess that should all be hyphenated!

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