Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Alex is well into school with her first test tomorrow on memorizing the Northeast states and their capitals....eegads.  I was worried about her being able to keep up with her homework last year....I am very worried about this year.  It is going to get ugly, fast.  We did not do a stellar job at preventing the summer back slide!  Since Lilianna has been out of town, she has been doing the chores on Lilianna's chore chart.  So on Sunday we had her add up her commission.  She came up with the craziest numbers I have ever seen.  I even wrote out what she needed to add up...you know...fed the cats for $.25  5 times...so I wrote out .25  vertically 5 time.  I know there are some super homeschoolers out there who could successfully teach her...but I am not one of them.  All we can do is stay patient, try to help her with her homework and not get bogged down in it.  I want her to be happy and I want to spend quality happy family time with her and if we focussed on getting all of her homework done and making her memorize capitals...we would spend 6 hours a day with her crying, pouting, and we would never get to spend any time with the other kids.  So, she gets 2-3 hour of homework and homework help a night and if that doesn't finish her homework...such is life.

Zeb and Zoe are hitting WCS on August 23...that is their first day.  I have slacked with Zeb too.  We bought a ton of material from the Preschool Prep Co. and it is awesome.  I haven't been really good about working through it with Zeb.  I have a big sight of sight word books for him to practic on and we are on the second book of the first of three levels...oops.  However, we have a set of videos on dipthongs, blends and sightwords and they have done a great job learning from the videos.  We also have sight word flashcards that all three of the big little kids are doing great with.  I haven't done all of the things I wanted to do with Zeb, Zoe, and Ben this summer, but I have gotten something done so I don't feel totally suck-y!

Now Ben...there is a tricky one.  We have him registered at WCS for 4K, but he is still not potty trained...the kid is 4 years old and refuses to use the toilet.  He is the most stubborn person I have ever met in my life...seriously...and have you met me or my husband?!  He has decided he doesnt' want to go to school and he is not going to use the toilet.  Keith thinks he can outstubborn him.....I know he can't, but in a surprise move...Keith is outstubborning me on this fact.  You can't control WHAT comes out and WHEN in a kid or you end up with a 5 year old with a giant stopped up colon getting an emergency   ex'lap and colostomy.    I think Keith is going to take him to school...and I will just pray that all of the worst case scenarios I can think of won't happen.
If he stays home I am totally ready with a curriculum for him though! haha...Preschool Prep workbook and a couple of workbooks from the creative thinking co.  We have a lined wipee board for practicing letters.  We are all set to get him rolling. 

I may have already posted about how excited I am about Lilianna's school this year.  It is going to rock!  We made a workbox with hanging folders for each subject for each day.  She decorated little labels which I laminated and placed velcro stickies.  The labels are on the outside of the folders, when she completes the subject, she pulls the label off of the folder and puts in on her big red hanging billboard next to the day.   I am very excited about it. 

Handwriting and Bible every day to start the day...BJU press handwriting and Bible Study for All ages for bible.  I am also copying some cool virtue worksheets from confessions of a homeschool mom that is organized by subject areas like arguing (which our first subject!).  Lily will also be reading some of the Christian Heroes series and we are going to try out the unit studies books from YWAM ....I figure this also counts as Literature too. She is already reading George Mueller for fun...she just loves to read!

Math is still K12...I like it what can I say!

Science - I am kind of winging it.  We are doing anatomy I have a rock and learn video, the Usborne Body encyclopedia and an anatomy billboard.  The first 2 weeks are planned out and we are learning about the digestion system...Lily is about to be grossed out..hahahah mwahahahah.

Grammar, composition, spelling, vocabulary, and lit is K12 for the most part.  We are also incorporation a lot of literature for history...lots of books...biographies on people in history.  We are doing Language Arts extension work on Time 4 Learning too. 

History - we are doing Sonlight this year for American History, we will be using a lot of  extra added biographies, and the Liberty Kids Videos. 

Friday is going to be SuperFun Fridays with a movie, unit study on the movie and logic games and puzzles from The Creative Thinking Co...I just love that place!  Analogies and problem solving galore. 

I think school is going to flow much better this year. 

School starts for Lily on Sunday.

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