Monday, September 17, 2012

An idea

I was trying to be still today and pray. I have had a lot on my mind and a whole lot in my life ...too much in my life for about as long as I can remember. I suspect that I may spread myself too thin in order to have an excuse for not mastering one thing. I was thinking about that. In fact, I was sure that was where my epiphany was going....cutting back, learning to relax...blah blah blah.

It went in a totally different direction. Well, maybe not totally! I am a goal directed person. I set goals, I make lists, I schedule things. I have many areas of my life where this strategy works....mainly anything related to school or work. We have been trying to follow the Dave Ramsey thing doing the same goal directed thing....only the goals I have been setting are the wrong kinds of goals! We have been writing monthly cash flow plans and financial blueprints....over and over. However, just when we start getting traction......we make the same old mistakes and screw up. That is because our goal isn't to have a super looking budget....our goal is to change our behavior. We are awesome at changing our money strategy...but not at changing our hearts. So in addition to money goals...I need a heart changing plan with achievable short term and long term goals that I can make a list and check items off of the list. So I ask myself...what can one do to facilitate a changed heart....ok yeah....duh....time in prayer. Dave Ramsey, himself, recommends proverbs. So I decided that I will make a list, a goal to read through one proverb day and really figure out what it means to me. I know that this super awesome owners manual for life will hold something new for me everyday.

While I was thinking about my turn the intangible heart changing goal into a something I can put on a list. I was scrolling through the most important things in my life to see if there was some way to extrapolate this idea to other areas. I came up with a that I think might change my life in a very very real way. But I am still working on it!

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Shannon said...

Compartmentalizing is the way to go! Love catching up on everyone. I wouldn't worry about Ben - he's a total genius and he'll potty train when he's good and ready. Esen was over 5 and still isn't totally night trained. Can't wait to hear about your trip - sounds like a total blast!

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