Saturday, September 15, 2012

The worst blogger

I have totally turned into the worst blogger...maybe it is because I am so busy.  I have a list of about 100 things I have to addition I am on call right now and thankfully at home.  Tomorrow I am heading out for a week of locums.  UG...I so loathe every second I have to leave home to make extra money.  I am not exactly sure what my problem is that I can't just live within my means!
In addition, one of our monthly bills just jumped from the world of interest only to paying principle...which is good because it will get paid off faster...but sucks because it more than doubled.  One of our tenants is moving out which puts us back in a bind to get a new rentor for one of our houses we couldn't sell in Birmingham.  UG...did I mention UG.
I know I am grateful and blessed for the opportunity to work extra hours and make extra is blessing not a curse.   That being said...I am getting old and tired!  I just want to chill with my peeps.

Peeps..what happening with them....oh big news...Benjamin is finally potty trained...yeah!!!!!! He had to stay home from school (4K) for one whole week and he decided he was going to be potty trained so he could go back to school....yeah!  He is as hilarious as ever.  I know this age doesn't last and that makes me just a little bit sad because there is nothing as sweet as my little Ben carrying around his yellow blanket and the 3 small cow stuffed animals Keith won for him out of the claw machine.

Zoe is rocking the good behavior at school.  She is having some difficulty with writing her name and really anything.  She just sits there and stares at the paper.  Then starts to cry.  She refuses to even try to write anything...very frustrating.  A little over a year ago we had an OT eval and they said she fell within the std deviation, but showed some issues with fine motor and I wonder if this is an expression of that.  Keith doesn't really think that is it so I am not going to obsess about whether or not we need to get a new OT eval.  Poor Keith doesn't need another appointment he is responsible for getting kids to! haha. 

Zeb is doing great in school - he has had a killer cold the last week.  Not much to report on Zebby.

Alex got her first report card.  Everyday after school we say...Alex do you have homework and she I did it at school with Jimmy (her aid).  Somehow she is getting an A in math, but she is getting a 57% in Lang Arts and a 74% in Social studies...someone is about to do homework everyday whether they have it or not! haha.  There is a parent teacher conference in someone's near future. 

Lilianna has been super tired the last couple of days because I have been working nights and Keith has been letting her stay up and watch Harry Potter movies...bad dad! haha.  Lily's school this year has been totally rocking!  We have a workbox with folders for each subject, each day and Lily can pull them out and work on the assignments with minimal prodding.  There are several online assignments, a couple of workbooks and lots of reading.  We are totally rocking this year...I do believe we have our homeschool groove on ...finally!  I feel super organized and I think she is really enjoying the classes this year.  She even said that she thinks she is learning more this year because of the new way we are organizing it. 

Violet...what can I say....she won't sleep!  augh! just like every other child biologically related to me!  It will catch up to her when she is 40yo..that's all I can say.  She is in charge.  We put some tennis shoes on her today and let her walk around outside in the yard for a was her first adventure walking outside.  She is a cutie and boy is her dad wrapped around her finger.  Unfortunately, Zeb gave her his cold and she is miserable tonight.  I really, really, really hate leaving Violet when I have to leave.  I figure one of these days my leaving will just break her heart and she won't love me anymore...I will come back and instead of giving me a super big smiley hug she will just kind of grunt at me and walk away. 

I am off to bed...I have to pack and drive about 10 hours tomorrow.  yipee.

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Shannon said...

You are NOT a bad blogger - pop over to mine once! I think I typed something in March? Glad for the update on everyone, sounds like they're all doing awesome! I would say I'm sure things will settle down for you, but I know you too well and frankly I just don't think you guys are built that way. I think if things DID settle down, you'd go and do something cooky just to shake it all up again. :) Hang in there, you're the best mom ever and your kids love you like crazy!

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