Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I really AM busy

It has been a whole month since I posted really am busy! haha.  How to sum up one month...I can't really.  Let's compartmentalize...

1.  Dave Ramsey and gazelle like intensity....I suck.  haha.  We are not doing a very good job sticking to our budget because I am doing such a good job working extra and earning extra money...we are successfully outearning our stupity so to speak!  The tennant in one of our houses in Alabama left so we are trying to rent out my house again.  We have a rental company who keeps the first month's rent and then keeps 10% each month...but at least we don't have to stress out about repairs etc anymore.  My brain is totally on board but my broken body keeps buying things...however, in my defense, I don't just spend money Keith and I have a budget meeting first!

2. Violet...I am actually starting to worry about her a little bit.  She is still not eating much.  She will only drink out of a bottle with a slow nipple on it and will eat about 1 small babyfood container...and only step 1.  The only thing she puts in her mouth is her blanket and her finger...and those are relatively new developments.  She is 15 months old people...I am starting to worry that she has a real oral aversion problem.  Of course, I have decided that it is all my fault for not being home enough.  I have a very well developed sense of maternal guilt!  Other than that...she is a genius and I am only a little bit biased. 

3.  Ben...OMG...he is STILL not potty trained.  He is 4 and 2 months into 4k!  This, of course, is my fault too somehow.  He is so smart and so STUBBORN!

4.  Zeb is the coolest cucumber.  He is totally the little boy in school that has it all together and all the boys want to hang out with him.  He is starting to act like that cool kid and teased the other kids at home.  Ben announced that he wanted to be called Benjamin not Ben.  So Zeb kept saying.."Ok BEN...ok BEN".  As you can imagine a snarky big brother might say it!  Luckily, Ben knows how to take Zeb down by teasing him about his girlfriends at is so hilarious.  Zeb has started speech therapy and apparently has a week lower lip and a week tongue.  We were told to have him chew gum aaaahhhhh noooooooo..or blow up baloons...aaaahhhhh nooooo.  we will have to decide which is the lesser of two evils in our house...chewed up gum left all over the place or kids fighting over balloons.   haha

5.  Lily - she is doing remarkably well with her school.  Our new workbox system is rocking.  I was out of town in September frequently and it has been hard for us to get her back into focussing.  We started using an adaptive online math program called Dreambox that she loves and is really improving her math skills.  She started guitar and piano lessons and is going to be an angel in the Nutcracker this holiday season so that is fun (ugggg...bun making....)

6.  zoe is rocking the 4K - she has a few problems with her Z's but is doing really good.  Her behavior at school is soooo good.  We need lots of routine to keep her stress level down but she is doing sooo good.  I was a little worried before she started that she may get tired and overloaded at school.  I was worried about her losing her cool and melting down at school, but that has only happened once and it was after school waiting for pick up. 

7.  Alex is doing pretty good too.  She continues to be an enigma to she trying to do her homework, is she trying to fail on purpose?  I don't know.  We try to get her involved in things like dance and she says she doesn't care if she does it or not.  She loves to hang out with her family around the house, or at least appears to be happy playing...then she turns around and talks the younger kids into doing things that get them into trouble.  I am constantly reminded of Bryan Posts discussion on his sister.  Now that I have some time, I think I might rewatch the Bryan Post videos and focus on trying to figure her out a little bit!

8.  O - poor O has a new step-dad, and O is having a very, very tough transition.  We all wish he could move up with us full time..but I don't have a whole lot of hope for that happening. 

9.  DISNEYWORLD!  we are going in a little over one month and I am soooo excited.  I blew like $850 on matching sport jerseys for everyone to wear to the park...I can't wait to get them in.  If you are at Disneyworld the first week of December and see an obnoxiously big family in brightly colored matching team might be us! woohoo.  Our super awesome babysitter, stephanie and my super awesome parents are also coming.  Stephanie is hilarious, the other day my parents were up while she was babysitting and after they left she turned to me and said "I can't wait to hang out at Disneyworld with you parents..they are so much fun"  That they are!

10.  I am totally getting a new cell phone in the next couple of days and I am sooo excited.  I think I got my last phone in 2008 or 2009 it is a pink razor flip phone..haha.  I am thinking about a Samsung Galaxy 3s.  so anyone have on of those fancy phones?   what do you think?

I have got to blog more because I have just a truckload of rambling that has been waiting to be released...

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