Saturday, November 24, 2012


We had a great thanksgiving...except for the plague!  haha.  Everyone was sick here.  We went to my mom's for dinner and had a delicious turkey, mashed potato dinner.  yum.  Zeb was all over the canberry...his favorite.  Lilly had like one bit of ham and asked what was for dinner an hour later.  So typical!

I have been working nights this week and it hasn't been too bad...I am on my last day of nights (does that make sense?!) right now and then I am off for a week...yeah...actually it is 2 weeks.  Starting tomorrow is the Nutcracker rehearsals and performances.  Lilianna got a pixie haircut a couple of days ago and I am still trying to figure out how I am going to make some sort of ballet bun.  I think I am just going to have to slick it down and hope no one notices there is no bun! haha.

On Friday, we head to Disneyworld...we are driving the bus down with all the kids, my parents and our awesome babysitter for 7 days at the Animal Kingdom lodge.  I am so excited...probably more excited that the kids...I can't believe we leave in less than a week.  woohoo.

Nothing much else going on.  We put up all of our Christmas trees...we have 3 this year...overkill...probably but oh so fun.

Just thought I would throw out a post to say what's up!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sweet Lily

On Sunday, we picked up Lilianna from her bio dad.  Sunday night 4 of the kids stayed in a cabin by themselves..oooh fun.  Lily really wanted to sleep on the top bunk.  However, Benjamin was soooooooooooo excited to see Lily he really wanted to sleep in the full size bed with her.  When I agreed to let Ben stay in the kids cabin and told him he and Lily could sleep in the full size bed...I thought his head was going to explode he was so excited.
Lily, on the other hand, was not excited.  I am not sure why she is so self-centered when she gets back from new orleans - but she is always pouty and completely self-involved when she gets back.  Sunday was no exception. 
After we got everyone into bed, we prayed together and Lily thanked God for her brothers and sisters and thanked Him for the time cuddling with Benjamin.  Ben was so happy that his big sister thought that much of him I thought the smile was going to stretch off of his face.  So he did what any self-respecting 4yo boy would do...he tried to share his very special blankie with know the one thing in the world that means the most to him. 
Ben was so happy and Lily was so happy to have made Ben that happy.
I love those moments.  Those are the things I thank God for!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Camping trip

We had a partial trial run of our Disneyworld trip this weekend.  Keith packed everyone into the bus and drove down to Birmingham to meet me for a weekend at the KOA.  He got everything loaded in the bus by Thrusday night and got all the kids in and settled for the trip and left at 430am on Fri morning and they made it to Bham by 11am!  What a feat!  I was very, very impressed.

We rented 2 little cabins...the girl cabin and the boy cabin.  We got everything unpacked and situated and headed to pick up O then to the Galleria for some carousel action and some mall foodcourt.  Alex is so hilarious about the mall.  She wants to buy everything.  It is pretty hilarious.  Unbeknownst to us, it was the official tree lighting there was a Santa arriving with a train full of elves to turn on the lights.  There were performers and lots of people.  A jolly time was had by all.  I can't decide who had the most fun on the carousel.  We headed back to the cabin and went straight to sleep.  Violet slept pretty good, I suppose...ok not really.  It didn't really matter because the comfort of the beds is definitely NOT the selling point of camping with the kids!

Saturday was super fun...we got up and dressed and headed to the Heart of Dixie Train Museum where we played on some trains and took a short ride on a real train.  The weather was perfect, we sat on an outside car.  The trees are perfectly autumnal right now in Alabama and the temperature was just about perfect.  It was really a beautiful day.  After the train ride, Keith had a brilliant idea (this may be a tad sarcastic) to take the kids to toys r us and mill around.  Yes, I was slightly afraid...6 un-napped children in a toy store the likes of which the majority of had never seen...mmmm...sounds like fun.  It wasn't nearly as chaotic as I thought it would be.  We got some ideas for Christmas presents and we didn't actually buy anything so that was good.  At one point, they announced over the loudspeaker that they had a very special guest in the story...Glen who was celebrating his 8th birthday...happy birthday glen.  A few minutes later, Benjamin brought me a toy and said.."is this for 8 yo?"  It said 8+ on it so I told him yes.  He responded by telling me that he was going to get it for Glen because Glen was turning 8 today.  It took me several minutes to convince him that we didn't need to buy Glen a birthday present.  Fortunately for most of the people reading this...You have no idea what it is like to try to convince Benjamin of anything....geesh!

We had pizza for dinner and a great, big, roaring campfire over which we roasted marshmellows and made s'mores.  Mostly, the kids made the s'mores and I ate them...the things I do for my kids!  Everyone was exhausted at bedtime and we headed to bed.  Violet slept exceptionally well Sat night.

Sunday we woke up and got ready for church.  We missed the 9am service by about 15minutes so we went to the Alabama Veteran's Memorial.  It is a beautiful memorial- about a 5 minutes hike on a path up a very gentle incline with tons of beautiful trees.  The kids ran around and we had a very relaxing hike.  Then off to church.  We went to the Church at Brook Hills.  I have wanted to visit there since I read David Platt's book Radical.  He is the minister there.  They have an interesting thing there on Friday nights called Secret Church which is all about bible bells and whistles.  It is inspired by the secret churches in China..churches that are really and truly all about God's word.  David Platt wasn't preaching on that sunday, but apparently on the secret church the friday before, David Platt and Fancis Chan were both preaching.  How super cool would that have been...oh well...I had fun eating cookie cake at the antithesis of secret church...the Galleria!
the kids loved Brookhills though.  O was trying to think of a way to get his mom to take him back next Sunday.  She refuses to take him to church because she wants to sleep in. 

We had lunch, met up with Lilianna...who had been in NoLa with her bio dad for the week.  Went back and played at the campground for the rest of the afternoon.  We did all of our family christmas shopping on, had another campfire with some good quality s'mores and rearranged the cabins.

I had to hit the road around 10pm after I tucked everyone in.  Keith and the kids left this morning and have had one heck of drive home...through rain and the usually impossible traffic in Chattanooga. 

I had a super weekend.  I posted a couple of pictures of our trip on facebook...the carousel and our brand new family stickers on the back of the bus.  They are starwars stickers and they rock.  Darth Vader, amidala, biker scout, leia, ahsoka's x3 and troopers x2.  There is room for one more sticker...i'm just saying hahaha.

I can't wait for Disneyworld...our trial run went pretty good!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Benjamin

I know I haven't written in a while...I am so stinking busy...probably the busiest I have ever been in my life and it is sucking...I will be honest.  I am not supposed to be this busy...but I am.
Anyway....we had a very traumatic event 2 weeks ago now.  I came home from working the night shift and went to bed .. only to be awakened an hour later by Keith telling me that one of our cats died.  It was Pumpkin, a little orange kitty that had been so shy for years and had just started letting kids pet her in the last year or so.  She was laying dead on our porch.  She didn't appear to have any trauma to her.  We don't know what working hypothesis is that she ate something poisonous or at something that had been poisoned...we don't know.  We had 2 cats die before..shortly after we moved here. we didn't expect the kids to get too upset.  Strangely, we had gotten a new kitten the weekend before.  I just woke up the saturday before and decided we needed a new cat so we went to the shelter and the kids almost unanimously picked out a super sweet little cat who looked a lot like our cat Socks...except he has a great big white spot on his back.  We named him Spotnik and he is a super cat.
I digress....After we picked up the kids and had everyone home, we told them that Pumpkin had died and how we found her.  We placed her in a big sized shoe box...she looked like she was curled up and comfy.  We buried her near the other cats.  Everyone said goodbye to Pumpkin.  As soon as Keith started burying the box...Benjamin totally lost it.  My little four year old..all at once...voiced this amazing inner struggle to comprehend his own mortality and to question the presence of God when bad things happen.  Not at all what I had expected from Ben.  It was a string of questions way beyond what he should have been asking with "but God is good" sprinkled randomly between the questions.  "Why did pumpkin die? when will I die?  Did God choose for Pumpkin to die or did it just happen?  Did God choose to make me sad? but God is Good..."  all just mixed in with my poor guy crying. 
He was the only child that cried or was upset and I was really surprised how upset he was. 
Maybe in a related note...Ben started getting in trouble at school shortly thereafter..he started being even more controlling and bossy.  He has already been completely convinced that he is the boss regardless of reality...part of the reason he is still NOT totally potty trained..haha.  I have long suspected that his but is going to get kicked out of school because he is just the boss.  He isn't necessarily spoiled, nor do we let him get his way all the time..he is just 100% sure that he is in control.  Funny thing about his preK teacher...she thinks she is in charge.  So, you can see the dillemma.
Keith (who also believes in his soul that he is in charge) has decided that he will teach Benjamin that he is not in charge (in much the same way his parents did to him...I am sure).  Oh the clash of wills should create sparks that Shannon will be able to see in the sky over in Wisconsin...
I love the way God has made my husband and my son...they are so alike..I am so blessed.  I think Ben is feeling less control with this sudden realization of mortality and he is trying to calm his anxious little heart by controlling even more of the world around him.
I hope his sweet, little heart finds some peace before my husband's head explodes.

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