Tuesday, December 25, 2012


nope no pictures because I just never download them now that I have a fance phone..haha.  maybe someday i will figure out how to send pictures to the blog from my phone.

Christmas eve was really nice...I was on call during the day and had to work until about 430.  I had started some slow cooker chicken and dumplins in the morning so when I got home that afternoon, I threw in my dumplins and was able to have dinner with everyone.  After dinner we started to get ready for  cookies and hot chocolate and I had to head back in for an appendectomy.  by the way...the chicken and dumplins were super duper delish...a good start!

I returned home around 8pm and the kids were in the media room watching something and Keith was putting together the super awesome chrstmas eve gift...a lego table he made for the kids...i will have to post a picture of that...he made a very sturdy, beautiful, functional and huge lego table.  The kids came out and started doing some major lego building.  I was surprised that O was as into the lego table as he was....he just turned 13yo and I expect him to be too cool for playing legos with his little bros and sisters.  

We sent all the kids to bed around 9 and had our annual Christmas eve fight about "the plan" for the evening...which always slows us down by about 2 hours...then we got everything set up and headed to bed around 3am.

Up at 7...with grandma and poppy already here for the fun.  we played with the santa gifts until breakfast was done...monkey bread and sweet cornbread with honeybutter (which also turned out super delish even though it was the first time I had ever made it...yeah!).  We got our huge 21 pound turkey in the oven (my mom did all the gross stuff....thanks mom...I am sooooo lucky!) and opened gifts.  We were very organized and made short order of completely destroying the playroom...I have no idea where everything is going to go. 
Best moment of the day?  Ben saw that we got a fort building set like Lily got last year and started jumping up and down screaming...haha.
Lets see...close second....Lily got a water cannon shooting remote controlled helicopter in round 3 of gifts and O got one in round 5....he saw what it was and looked at Lily and said..."it's on."  it was hilarious.
Surprise of the day...Violet can unwrap presents like she was born to do it! haha.

I feel like this was one of our best Christmases....I probably say that every year....everyone really liked their gifts...not a single one of the kids were petty and jealous of anyone else's gifts..there were no fights...the food was all delicious.  We got to hangout with my parents most of the day and everyone just chilled and got along.  There was a nap time and that probably helped with the getting along....haha.  It was very relaxed all day long...yeah.

I am feeling abundantly blessed today for sure. 

I supposed I would be more blessed if I were asleep at 230 am instead of sitting up with such a bad cough that I keep waking myself up with it! haha.  Today was really great. 

Right before bed all of the kids got light saber flashlights and went outside to battle...each other...imaginary villains and then the crazy lion statues....It was great fun to watch them all just play.  Sometime soon they won't play like that.  I know there will be something just as fabulous to replace it...but I do so enjoy watching them play.  So darn lucky!

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