Tuesday, December 25, 2012

vacation day 2

On day 2 is when we actually made it to the AKL - we stayed at Kidani Village and it totally rocked.  We went the magic Kingdom our first night...it was the opening weekend of the new FantasyLand.  A couple of things stand out for me that night.

The first happened when I rode the Flight of Peter Pan with Lilianna.  Lily is a little anxious.  She gets downright out of control with a little unknown.  She agreed to ride the Peter Pan ride..and then O told her it left the ground.   Well, it does leave the ground...but it is a kiddie ride.  She almost backed out of it..but I was able to keep her calm and distracted enough to keep her in line until we got on the ride.  She plugged her ears (as she always does with everything from toilets flushing to fireworks) and she closed her eyes at first...but then she opened them.  Yes, it is a silly kiddie ride....but she opened her eyes, she conquered her fear and she was sooooo excited  to be on a ride that went off the ground.  One of my top moments at Disneyworld, hands down, was watching Lily open her eyes on that ride and seeing them just totally light up.  It was completely unexpected to me that a 9 yo could be so excited about the peter pan ride. 

Later that same night we watched the fireworks from Fantasy land.  Every single one of the kids...even the big kids had that same magic look in their eyes.  I never in a million years would have expected Lily to be as in awe of the show as she was.  I was holding Benjamin and he kept sayin..."look over there...wait over there...the fireworks are everywhere"  in a dramatic way (with hand motions) that only he can pull off.

I think Alex was just dazed...she actually did walk into a wall the first night and fall off of a curb. 

When I am senile and look back on this vacation...I hope I can vividly remember the big toothy smile and look of wonder in Lily's eyes on the peter pan ride and out watching the fireworks.  I want to always remember Ben and his tilting head, hand motions for "the fireworks are all over the sky, mom"

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