Wednesday, December 26, 2012

vacation day 3

Sunday - we slept in and then went to Blizzard Beach.  What fun!  It was pretty fun - a little cold but fun.  We bought new swim shoes for everyone and went down the lazy river together.  We split up after that Keith taking the big kids with him and Stephanie and I keeping the little ones in the kiddie area.  Lily got kicked out of the kiddie pool for being too big.  She was so sad because the slides were just her speed!
I have always wanted to go to the teen area..but haven't gotten to yet...maybe in October!
I would say we got there around 1130 and we left around 430.  It was one of the most succesful family trips to a water park for sure. 
There has always been O and Keith running ahead and wanting to go on rides while I wait with little kids...and walk behind with the little kids.  That is always the experience whenever we go anywhere with our family.  This particular trip was awesome because I didn't have to follow them around from area to area with the little ones (like 20 feet behind them).
I even got to leave the littlest kids with Stephanie for a while and play in the wave pool with Lilianna.  It was definitely a first!
After we changed we headed back to the hotel and changed.  We went to Downtown Disney and had dinner at Trex.  The kids (especially Lilianna) loved digging in the little excavation area.  The wait for us wasn't that long...the wait for a family of 4 was 45 mins to an hour...the wait for a family of 10 was 15 mins...woohoo.  However, the wait for the food was more like an hour.  Zeb fell asleep at the table!  Classic Zeb!  The food was really good. 

Unfortunately, Violet got into something on Sunday...I don't know if it was at the water park or downtown disney and she threw up all night monday night.  yuk!

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