Friday, February 1, 2013

Lazy me

OK not really lazy, just overwhelmed.  I keep thinking that it is going to ease up a little bit.  It is easing up in all reality.  Violet is getting much better at not all night ...but she will fall asleep in her bed around 930 and sleep until around 315.  She drinks a bottle and then back to sleep until 7-ish.  It's not too terrible.

We have a really good couple of weeks with Lily's school.  I started stapling together packets of grammar and math assignments together and having her work on them all she finishes them by the end of the week.  I used them in addition to the other assignments in her workbox.  She has been getting a ton of work done.  We have also had the opportunity to meet up with some other local homeschoolers for the first time ever and Lily had a pretty good time.  We went to a field trip at the local science center and then on another day had a science day where there were  6 differenct experiment tables.  One of them was on pulmonary mechanics and it was all I just quietly asked lily to be nice and play along, but that it is not correct.  I am still not exactly sure what her experiment was trying to do...i think she got the experiment set up wrong and then tried to make pulmonary mechanics fit the experiment...I don't know!

It snowed today and all the kids were playing out in the snow when I got home from work (on the night shift right now).  I Love coming home and seeing all the kids playing outside.  I think it is awesome...rain or shine!

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