Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little things I don't want to forget

Ben at the inflatable jumping party place....."I want to jump on the trainflatable"

Violet's first knock knock joke to Lily
V "knock knock"
L "who's there"
V "cookie"
L "cookie who"
V "cookie down cookie down" probably had to be there to really appreciate it

Benjamin and I were sitting in a full dance etc parent seating area while he read aloud his k4 reader.  I was sitting there pretty proud because he was rocking it and I looked like a totally together mom...when Ben grabs his crotch and says in his ultra loud ben voice...."My PEN*S HURT  I have to pee".  At least he went to the bathroom and didn't proceed to pee on himself.  I just laughed and pretended to be amused by him instead of mortified.
Oh the pitfalls of using anatomically correct names with a 2 year old.

Violet has started really eating table food and last week demanded chicken and dumplins by screaming "chicken dumpl" and stomping her right foot on the ground.  Finally a child that loves spicy food and mashed potatoes...unbelievable.

Chapel this week, I realized that Zeb is getting old.  Now at a very mature 6yo, he is not overjoyed and excited to see Keith and me at chapel.  Ben and Zoe light up and wave at us and Z just nods in acknowledgement....although I suspect his is lighting up on the inside!  Just love those kids!


Shea Black said...

LOL... my boys make loud penis comments while out in public too... at least they aren't calling it names. On an unrelated note... all my kids said to tell your guys HI!!!!

Michelle said...

HI SHea! my kids still want to come visit your farm!

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