Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gotcha moments

Ok..first of all, I know it has been like 3 months since I actually posted something.  I am turning over a new leaf....really...I mean it.
I so LOVE looking back at my posts and pictures over the last gulp...7 years...yes.  That's right...I started this blog 7 years ago.
I especially love looking back at the really important moments.  I am currently all alone in a hotel in Alabama and just finished watching a short marathon (no pun intended...wait for it....) of the Little Couple.  I don't have tv at home and don't really follow any reality shows....so imagine my surprise when I find a reality show of a couple in the meat of an adoption from China...love it.   It was like a little gift to me from the reality show "man".  I snuggled up on my bed, ate a ton of M and M's and got into the adoptive mommy zone!
The show is basically leading up to the big Gotcha.
So, of course, I start thinking about my own Gotcha's and first meetings.  I very clearly remember the first meeting of Zoe, Alex, and Zeb.  I am also pretty clear with Zoe and Alex's Gotcha.  But Zeb's gotcha is kind of a haze.  Maybe because I am getting senile, or I was really tired or maybe it was because I was kind of in a daze and confused like the entire time we were at the babyhouse!

There were people dressing, redressing Zeb I didn't know for sure if he was coming with us or staying one more day and then we were leaving with him.  It seemed way more surreal than when we adopted the girls.  Maybe it was because he was a baby.  I remember thinking at the time of picking Zebby up that it felt like I just signed this big book and went home with a baby.  Yes...I know ...what about the previous 9 months of paperwork, hoops, travelling and a ton of fees etc...but when the moment came - you sign a book and take a baby.  Very surreal.

Zebby is such a hilarious big boy who just soaks up our love.  He is usually so darn sweet and I just can't get enough of him. 

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