Monday, May 27, 2013

Home again..

I made it home early saturday morning.  I did some serious shopping on the way home though...ok not serious...but some.

Since we are homeschooling a gaggle this next year, we have graduated from the dining room table.  As it is, Keith's projects take up most of the table...protractors, mechanical pencils, magazines and all things 11 x 17.  My ingenious hubby is building us a super school table.  The super sturdy base is built and the top is put together, but it isn't finished yet...sanding, staining.  Apparently, lots of sanding is on the horizon.  Anyway, on the way home I found some great chairs at target on sale.  Yeah. 

The chairs are now all together in the reading room...not in the way at all (sarcasm).  The school room is going to be in the library upstairs and I can't wait until the table is done and everything is ready to throw upstairs.  I am really excited about the new school year.  Of course, we have lots of summer to make it through first and the kids are out of control!

Today, I had a long talk with all of the kids about the insanity in our house as of late.  We decided that we literally have too much free time on our hands.  The kids want to make a daily schedule of things to do so that they don't end up with nothing to do but get into trouble.  So, a schedule we have concocted.  We also made new chore charts today so the kids could earn some extra money.  Well, we talked about them and I bought all the supplies for them, but they didn't actually get made yet.  

Perhaps I better go do that! haha.  Or maybe I should work on the 6 loads of laundry I have done in the last 48 hours.

Today, I did feel like a pretty good mom.  The kids and I  sat at the table and talked about scheduling the day, worked on chore charts.  Then the girls and I baked cookies and chocolate cake. I was good, patient mom for that activity...yeah me!  I think today was a good mom day because I think today was a day my children felt like they had a voice.  It seems like so often my parenting is all about following the rules, getting places and getting though our list of things to get done.  It is nice when I feel like the kids have really talked to me. 

I gave Lily the bag I made and she has been carrying her new purse everywhere.  It look freakin' adorable on her.  She throws it over her head like a messenger bag.  The girls and I are going to make that bag for an art project later in the summer.  I am going to let all the girls pick out material to make their own. 

Oh...Violet has started praying and it is so unbelievably evening bible study she bows her head and says  "thank you god, amen".  At dinner tonight she said  "thank you God dinner, amen".  Adorable.  Oh and equally adorable is Benjamin who prayed tonight "Thank you God for Violet, I love love love Violet, thank you, amen".  Usually Ben thanks God for his yellow blanket, violet and me...but tonight it was all about the little sister! haha. 

My big family is such a big blessing!

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