Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dance Recital time

Last week was dance recital week.  Lily danced in 5 dances and Zoe had one dance.  I am not one of those moms that think their babies are the best at everything.  I especially am not one of those moms that thinks their daughters are the best dancers!  Lily really likes dancing and I know she loves it.  She is a little ball of energy...and when I say little, I mean little.  She is definitely the smallest girl in her age group.  She got a brand new pixie cut for recital (yes..that's right I fear the ballet bun!).  Seriously, she loves short hair.

I was sooooo surprised at how much Lily has improved with dancing since last year....even since the nutcracker in December.  I used to dance many, many, many years ago and so it is really hard for me to not jump into the perfectionist role...just trying to help you know.  But I managed it again this year! yeah me!

Zoe rocked the 4year old ballet.  I would say if you combined all of the  7 4 year olds and added up all of the dance moves that got danced...it would equal ummmmm 8 and a half actual dance motions.   The girl standing next to Zoe cried out loud with the uber dance mom mascara pouring down her cheeks all through dress rehearsal.   Zoe only looked like a deer in headlights and remembered one part of the dance...go Zoe!  There were 2 shows and the second show was on Zoe's birthday.  She is 5 years old...wow.  I can't believe how fast these kids are growing up.  Seriously!  Wow.

Next year, Zoe is going to do more dancing...ballet, jazz and tap.  Alex is going to start taking dance lessons too.  Lily wants to keep with it next year and little Violet has 2 more years of mommy and me dance...yeah me!  We have an unlimited number of classes our kids can take because we maxed out the cost of classes.  I think maybe we should adopt a couple more kids just for the money we can save on bulk dance lessons! haha...just kidding keith!

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