Saturday, June 8, 2013

High School and College at the same time?! What!

I was recently directed to a website called Homeschool College USA .  Ummm.....what !!  It is a website that totally educates on how to use cheap and free curriculum and college level testing to design a high school curriculum that can then be transferred into college at the end of high school.  While many schools will take some of the courses they recommend, there are only a couple of regionally accredited colleges that will take an inordinately large number of transfer credits.  WOW.  These "top three" only require a capstone to be done enrolled with their institutions.  That capstone can be completed the summer after "graduating" from high school. 

I have done lots of school.  I loved my experience in undergrad at Smith College, but mostly for the experience, not necessarily the academia.  I worked my hardest and learned the most academically when I was getting my medical school pre-requisites at University of New Orleans.  I didn't have the stress of required general courses..I only took what I needed to take because I already had a degree.

I grew a lot at Smith, but if my kids get their BA or BS the summer after they finish high school, they could do their growing on the mission field, or on a campus only taking the courses they want to take or need to take to get into their masters/doctoral program...or grow while in a master's program.  Maybe they take a couple years off to just work...who knows.  What flexibility they would have!  Dave Ramsay says "The only thing that matters less than your degree, is your pedigree". 

While that website has lots of advice for finding a path to facilitate a college degree, there was also a ton of information about creating High School transcipts and a learning portfolio.  Reading through that section was completely worthwhile even if we decide not to use the college part. 

If you are a homeschooler and haven't seen this website it is pretty cool.  There is so much out there in terms of resources for high school homeschooling that is cheap or free and Homeschool College USA has links to them all!  haha...well maybe not all of them!

This is going to be I just need a child in high school!  Only 3 more years for Alex and 4 more for Lily! haha.

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