Monday, June 10, 2013


We had a good day today.  I was still tired from my week of nights so I took a little nappy-nap!  We still had a very productive day.  Started off with chores and breakfast.  Then the little kids and I played sight word baseball (letter baseball for Violet) ben was the winner with 6 points.  We moved into the kitchen for science.  We are working on water and did a guess if this will float or sink experiment with toothpicks and clay..then made little boats.  Tomorrow we are going to make egg carton sailboats for art.  Today they played with a mega bendaroo set while I took my nap!
Don't anyone freak out...I also cleaned the house today.  It is so nice to have a clean happens so rarely, I don't want to go to bed.  When I wake up tomorrow it will be gone!
I am so excited to have this week off, I love spending the time with the kids.  We have been having really, really good days since we put our schedule into effect.   I feel like Alex and I are really connecting a lot more these last couple of weeks and she is spending a lot of time and energy on learning.  Even though it is not school, she is reading a lot of books and asking to do dreambox.  When i went up to tuck her in tonight, she was hiding under her blanket with a flashlight reading a book.  LOVE IT!

Tomorrow, I am hanging at home again.  Wednesday, Keith and I are heading to Lexington for a dr's appointment and then to Frankfort to try to get birth certificates for Alex and Zoe...we still don't have them because of some logistical moving after our USCIS approval but before the stinkin' state department issued their immigration visa's.  No family should have to wait 8 months for a visa for their daughters...I'm just sayin.....  

Thursday night I am heading out to get lily from her dad's house and home again on Friday.  I can't wait to get Lily home again.  It is lonely without her!  I am hoping I can get her and Alex's new curriculum here by next week so we can unpack it before everyone heads to camp. 

Off to bed...although I know when I awaken tomorrow morning - my house will be messy again!

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