Saturday, July 20, 2013

Telling kids

Last night after dinner, we decided to tell the kids that we are starting the process to bring home a new brother for them.

We went down to the media room after dinner, the boys sat on the overstuffed loveseat with Keith and I sat on the couch with the girls.  We asked the little kids "how many boys are there in our family?"  They counted and said "4"....and how many girls are in our family?  the counted and said 5.  So I said "Don't you think we should even it up?  Dad and I thought we should have as many boys as which point Alex starts yelling no girls rule...haha. if on cue asks "where are we going to get another boy?"

So we headed up to the reading room to our world map and showed everyone where China was.  Then we showed Zeb where Kyrgyzstan was in relation to China.  O asked if  our new son would look like Zeb....and boy was Zeb totally excited.   He was really, really excited to have a matching twin.  Now...matching twin is what Ben calls Violet..."my matching twin, violet".  I am not 100% sure when that started or why...but occasionally Ben includes Lily in the matching twin club.  Sometimes, Zeb and Ben dress totally alike so that Zeb can be Ben's matching twin with clothes.  Zeb was really beside himself with excitement that now everyone was going to have a matching twin.

I think by far, the most excited child was Benjamin.  He started jumping up and down screaming "yeah!  another brother...woohoo!"  3 children ago, when Ben was the baby, I was worried about how he would handle not being the baby anymore....pssshaw...he just loves having brothers and sisters.  He has certainly asked on more than one occassion in the last  2 years when we were going to get more babies..haha. 

Now I get to worry about how Violet will handle not being the baby...of course it is possible she might still be the baby we just don't know yet.  I will worry about it a little bit, but you can just never tell! 

The night went well, although Ben is very impatient and wants to go next week to get a new brother. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago, Keith took O to boy scout camp...ok...let's tell the truth...Keith went to Boy scout camp and O happened to be at boy scout camp at the same time in the same place!  Keith loves to go to camp! 
I took the week off and hung out with the kids.  We had a super time.  The house stayed clean, we was a good week.  It was a very good week.  We had lots of rain so we didn't get to swim...which is probably good.

At Sunday night bible study, the speaker discussed 1 Corinthians is a discussion of spiritual gifts.  It's pretty good.  I went to a Wed night class while the kids were in their VBS (we do wed night vbs for the month of July) and a different elder pulled out the same verse.  After class the man that taught on Sunday night came up to me and said "I didn't know he was talking on that same verse tonight...either you really need it or I do".  So I assumed it was me!

So I really, really, thought about and prayed on this verse.   I came up with a lot of really good applications for it in our life...especially around the house.  What am I good at, what is Keith good at..are we dividing things up around OUR house to maximize on our own gifts?  Well...not really!  Especially with a busy school year with so many more kids to homeschool this year.  Really, really good stuff.  I think that what I "unpacked" from this verse is going to really help us organize, divide and enjoy our lives a lot more.

I also got something else out of it.  I was talking to the elder who taught that Wed night class and he was asking me about my family.  We recently started going to a new church about a month ago so we are still kind of a mystery there!  As I was talking about my kids, I realized that I love my children.  Yeah, I know, everyone loves their children...but I really, really, really love having all my children. 

Last August, Keith and I had our 5th anniversary.  Now I am not sure is it paper, or cotton ball or whatever anniversary.  To me, it was the China anniversary.  After a divorce, a couple has to be married 5 years to be eligible to adopt from China.  So in April of 2012, I brought up to Keith that it our China anniversary was coming in August.  The look of horror on his face..yeah...priceless.  So what did I do?  Did I mention it every day and harass him.  Ummm...NO.  I prayed and barely ever mentioned it...I think I brought it up on our marriage cruise and a couple of other times.  Yes, one of those times might have been this April (2013) when I made him go to an online info session....but that's not pushy..right? 

So, Wednesday two weeks ago, as I was standing in the lobby of church talking about how much I loved all my babies...I got a sense of urgency.  So, I took the rest of the week to try to figure out how to talk to Keith about it.

I chickened out 3 times.  3 times I started "the talk" and chickened out.  Finally, last monday I brought it up and he gave the most resounding agreement ever...."you know I am not going to tell you no".  Which is close enough for a yes for me. 

Our application was approved at CCAI last night, our first agency fee and contract went out this morning.  Our homestudy agency is starting their update....we are $3550 dollars lighter this week than we were 2 weeks ago..but we are officially expecting! 

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