Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Isn't if funny

Isn't it funny how you percieve things a little differently when you know you are expecting a new child...birth or adoption.  The shopping experience is a little can look for clothes that are a new size or gender.  I remember when we thought we were going to be bringing Aaron home the first time, I found the cutest blue sweatjacket with a green airplane on it at Target and totally wanted to get it for the 5 yo little boy for when we picked him up. 
Now I found the cutest freakin boy baby/toddler jumper in the Chasing Fireflies catalog..cute.
Some changes in perspective that are specific to adoption....any picture of any orphanage in the country  you adopting from posted by your placing agency....yeah...these are the pictures you look at on facebook and wonder if you son is maybe one of the babies in the picture.  Nothing like a picture like that on facebook to remind you to get your butt in gear to finish your homestudy paperwork!
Next week is the official Byrne-Cox get your butt in gear and finish your paperwork week...officially.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Busy 2 weeks

So...yeah it has been over a month since I posted anything because I have been really busy and I am lame! 
I am starting an American Heritage Girls Troop in my area.  I had briefly looked for one for Lily to join at the beginning of last school year but didn't find one...and wasn't to preoccupied by it.  When we went to the Homeschool Convention in Cincinatti last spring, there was a vendor who sold unit studies books and each unit study included the requirements for a merit badge for boysouts and American Heritage Girls and my interest was rekindled.
It was actually pretty difficult to get through the chartering process...but we are there and I am not the troop coordinator for AHG Troop KY0012.  Getting this done has really changed our lives...seriously it sounds weird I know.  Finding a charter organization forced us to look at the relationship we had with the church we were going to at the time and we decided we needed to move churches.  Wow...has it been a blessing to find our new church.  Seriously, people...I am in love with our new church.  The first sunday we went, literally the first person we met who showed us around...was a homeschooling mom of 5.  She is now the vice coordinator of the AHG troop, we are in the same Homeschool coop, and to top it off...her awesome mother in law is teaching the quilting class I have been going to.  I am so excited to have a new friend.  Oh yeah...and her husband is an eagle scout who is helping Keith with Cub scouts this year because 2 of their boys are cub age. 
The last 2 weeks have been action packed and very exciting:
I was out of town for 2 weeks and got home on Saturday...on
Wedensday Aug 14 we had our home visit,
Friday Aug 16th I had to speak at an assembly for 1st-5th grade girls at the local elementary school  (eek...300 girls in the dinatorium ), friday night we had our first AHG troop board meeting at my house (which was a blast!).
Sat aug 17 was our first day of school with the super awesome new school room and our exciting new sonlight went so smoothly!
Tuesday Aug 20 we had our big general meeting for AHG....
Wed Aug 21, we had a homeschool coop organizational meeting...this is the first year of actual cooperative teaching..I am not involved in any way with starting it or leading it...I just offered a place to meet and there were 33 kids there and 17 adults (and 3 babysitters).  Although I am teaching on the first teaching day...sept 25.  Let me reiterate...there were 33 kids at my house playing in our playroom and outside on the playground.  3 years ago I couldn't find any other homeschoolers anywhere!
Sat Aug 24 we had an adoptive parents of eastern ky potluck. at our house.  I wish we would have had a better turn out...but there was one new family there that I hadn't met before and great couple from church who is interested in adoption.  It was really fun.
Yesterday I headed out of town for a week of locums.
My family is supposed to be driving down to hand out with me...but our bus broke....NO!!!!!!! it is being fixed now and probably won't be done tomorrow...bummer!
Adoption update....we have only a couple more things to do...I know there is truly no excuse that they aren't done yet...but they aren't:
1.  Keith has to finish his training videos
2. all medical forms for all kids...both the ones that live with us in KY and the one that lives in AL
3.  O needs to do a phone interview with the social worker for the update
I really , really, really want to get the homestudy done so we can start waiting for our I800a...seems like that has been taking 2-3 months which puts us at like in December before we can get our dossier sent.  UGG..why can't I just get things done! haha
I have some pictures of our new school room that I posted to FB on the first day of school.  Keith built an amazing table for our school room and it fits everyone perfectly..I love it.  I married a really amazing man...I totally hit the husband jackpot.

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