Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Isn't if funny

Isn't it funny how you percieve things a little differently when you know you are expecting a new child...birth or adoption.  The shopping experience is a little can look for clothes that are a new size or gender.  I remember when we thought we were going to be bringing Aaron home the first time, I found the cutest blue sweatjacket with a green airplane on it at Target and totally wanted to get it for the 5 yo little boy for when we picked him up. 
Now I found the cutest freakin boy baby/toddler jumper in the Chasing Fireflies catalog..cute.
Some changes in perspective that are specific to adoption....any picture of any orphanage in the country  you adopting from posted by your placing agency....yeah...these are the pictures you look at on facebook and wonder if you son is maybe one of the babies in the picture.  Nothing like a picture like that on facebook to remind you to get your butt in gear to finish your homestudy paperwork!
Next week is the official Byrne-Cox get your butt in gear and finish your paperwork week...officially.

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