Monday, October 14, 2013

I800 waiting

Well, we finally got that pesky  homestudy done.  We received an email from our placing agency that they had approved our homestudy after about 10 days of reviewing it.  "woohooo..lets get that I800 A in the mail!" I thought to myself optimistically.  Then I got an email from my homestudy agency that told me they requested a couple of changes and one of them was 3 more visits...oh just a little thing when your homestudy agency is 2 1/2 hours away from you! 

We traipsed on up there and did 3 visits in one day and walked away with the homestudy in hand...phewww!

We have the dossier done except for that pesky immigration approval. So I am going to seal everything...county, state, state dept, consulate in about 2 weeks.  Then wait for the I800 approval and seal that bad boy all by itself.

I love how close we are getting to the waiting for referral step.

In the meantime, we are headed to the beach for 4 days and onto Disneyworld.  Our housesitters will have lots of fun with all our cats...but what can you is important to get away and it is important to have someone at the house to keep our kitties comfy!

School is going really, really well with the big kids and pretty good with the little kids...although I will be honest...Ben is a pain in the neck.  Zoe has made huge leaps in her writing..I am super excited about that!  We are going to take some school with us on the road.  I am thinking it is going to be more fun-ish type school.  Logic like that.  I need to get that altogether tomorrow.

I have been really busy...hard to believe, I know.  I seriously have never been as busy as I am this year.  I can't even get stressed out about how messy my house is because I can't fit my nervous breakdown into my schedule!  Oh well! 

Just felt like blogging a little since it has taken me 2 months to moderate one comment...You rock Shannon!

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