Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today is Zeb's birthday! He is a solid little 7yo today. He was really excited to get to spend it with all of his brothers and sisters! Usually, O or Lily, or both are not with us on Thanksgiving...but this year everyone was here. He wanted an ice cream it was by far the easiest birthday cake I have ever been in charge of! I hope he had a good day. It is so hard to believe he is 7 years old. I watch my other kids grow up, but there is this sense of awe about Zebby getting older. I think it has something to do with all of the amazing changes in my life that happened all around the time of Zeb's arrival. His age is kind of a marker as to when my life became my life if that makes sense! Yes, I know I never posted one thing about our trip to the beach and to was great. We went to St Augustine Beach and rented a condo right on the beach..the kids all loved it! Our homeschool field trip reports for all the kids said their favorite part of the trip was "the waves". We saw all kinds of awesome wildlife...starfish, barnacles, mussels, fish, jellyfish, and sand crabs. We went to an Alligator Farm, and went on a tour of Flagler U. At Disneyworld we stayed in the TreeHouse Villa's at Saratoga Springs and it was really super. We were worried we would be really far from the buses, but it was probably the same walk as last year at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We spent way more money than we had budgetted but we had a really great time. We were there during the food and wine festival at Epcot and very much enjoyed some serious diet has suffered. We came back in time to do the neverending 3 weeks of halloween costumes, parties and candy..a truly terrifying event for my diet! Before we left for Disneyworld I totally fit into a pair of size 4 capri pants I bought the weekend of medical school month later I am barely squeezing into my 6jeans..especially after our thanksgiving/zeb birthday feast today. My diet will make a much needed reappearance starting tomorrow and running for 3 weeks...until the Christmas baking armageddon strikes my kitchen...yummmm.

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