Saturday, January 4, 2014

A care package for Ulysses.

We sent a care package to Ulysses on 12/31. It flew over with someone and according to that was going to be there in a few days. I am so excited for him to find out that he has a family coming for him, rooting for him, and loving him from afar. OK...what we sent... 1. 13 inch stuffed panda 2.A set of colorful bouncy balls 3.A lego little creator set 4. A 12 pack of little pull back racer cars 5. 2 coloring books and color crayons 6. a notebook and a set of pencils with erasers and a sharpener 7. a disposable camera 8. 2 cute long sleeve shirts in size 8 9. Of course, a photo album with pictures of all of us, our house and play areas outside The person who took the package to China, said he would get it in a couple of days and that was on 12/31. So, I wonder if he has gotten it yet? I was kind of hoping for some pictures of him getting the package. If I get some new pictures, I will post some. I really want to do that "we are waiting to travel adoptive mom thing" where I put his picture as my facebook profile picture...but I don't have a picture to do that with yet....darnit. Ulysses has been with the advocacy group we found him through for after he comes home, we are going to have access to a ton of pictures and information. Then I will have pictures...but none I can post for now. I am getting super excited. Our dossier is in Washington DC now with Assistant Stork being walked through the State Dept and the Ch*na embassy. I don't have any idea for sure when it will be heading back our way...but I know the State Dept has already cashed their check so I am hoping the Embassy next week and back to us the week of the 13th. It would be super awesome to get our Dossier to Country before the Chinese New Year....or logged in? that would be awesome. It is only supposed to take 10-14 weeks after LID until we would likely travel.

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