Monday, January 6, 2014

Homeschooling help...

I love homeschooling my kids. We knew going into this that Alex and Zoe were going to be difficult. They both have great attitudes and work ethics...but I feel like they are having a hard time learning anything. Especially Zoe. She has come a really long way...seriously. We started off the year with her completely paralyzed by writing anything. Now she will write her name and pretty much anything. We are having a really hard time with her being able to put letters together into words. Ben and Zeb are almost at the end of their explode the code's and she is on page 16. She is so excited for school and really wants to work on schoolwork..but her brain just isn't ready to learn new things maybe....maybe it is a trauma thing...or an I-almost-starved-to death-when-I-was-a-baby thing..or if she just isnt' ready for school. I have been thinking about trying to get some sort of evaluation...maybe find an education consultant who specializes in special needs for an eval. I have not idea where to find this person....any ideas out there? Alex is rocking her work at the 4th grade level. I had her in 5/6th with Lily and was teaching them together. I was just amazed at how well she was doing...I was maybe a little too eager to believe that she was doing so well. Turns out she was copying everything off of lily and not doing any of her own work. The big kids are mostly self-directed and Lily covered for her for like 4 months. SO now, I have split them up and am looking for some online adaptive programs for Alex. I put ALex in 4th grad time4learning and she is puttering along near the 80% mark on all of her things. I have a subscription to study ladder from going to the Great Homeschool COnvention last I tried that for her today...she seemed to like it...also 4th grade. She had done dreambox in the past and I will probably start that up for her again for math. She likes to read and has pretty good comprehension so I am not too worried about her...she is just a couple of years behind. Her synthesis skills are somewhat lagging. I don't know if a different kind of approach would help her more. Mostly I am worried about Zoe..I feel like I am treading water with her. ALthough since starting this post, I actually do feel better about her because I had forgotten how completely paralyzed she was by schoolwork less than a year least now she doesn't literally freeze up and cry when I ask her to write her name! Suggestions, words of wisdom, anyone?

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Shannon said...

I can't comment on the homeschooling part of things, but as for an eval, do you have any sort of center in KY dedicated to human development/genetics, etc? My kids receive diagnostics/treatment at various departments within the Waisman Center here in WI: Marissa visits many areas of the clinc, Bamlak is being seen in intake for global developmental delay, Esen has been seen in ASD, Neuromotor Dev & Genetics clinics. In any case - it's a great starting point for kiddos who have extensive, unknown histories. For the record, you're doing an amazing job!!

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