Friday, January 24, 2014

PA's in hand (so to speak)

Yes we have 2 pre approvals from China. Last week we saw a post on a young man who is aging out in June and when I read his advocacy post, I saw a child who loves and is seeking out love. I saw a little boy who was only had 6 months to find a family to give his love to and to shower him with love. When Lily was around 4 she said she wanted a million brothers and sisters because that meant there would be more people for her to love and to love her. I saw that same spirit in Holden's post. So our soon to be sons...Ulysses and Han (as in han solo...we are such star wars geeks). Of course, adopting 2 instead of 1 has been a little off our plan! We will need to travel in about 4 months and we are significantly short on funds....I believe that we are moving right inside of God's will and I am sure that both of these little boys are our sons. Both of our boys have grants cooking and we would feel so blessed if anyone would be moved to help us out....even just a little bit...everything will help! Han is listed as Holden at Reeses Rainbow here Ulysses is listed as John at Love Without Boundaries here you might have to specify John from Fuyang because there are 2 johns on that site! We are so that we have our PA's for both boys...our dossier can head to China. I am not sure it made it today but next week for sure!


Alison @ said...

Someone just posted your blog on an advocacy site, and I was SO thrilled to see that LWB's "John" has a family :) When I saw his story, I prayed for him and know many of my friends prayed as well. So excited for you to get to go and get him, as well as "Holden"!

Milk Mama said...

Hi! I found your blog through RR for "Holden" and I wanted to say that I pray that God will make your path smooth for adoption! Your boys sure are darling!!! And if anyone says that you'll "have your hands full" with the number of children you've been blessed with, just tell them that you'd rather have them full than empty! What a blessing!!!! So many hearts to love and nurture!!!

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