Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank You

I am so excited and humbled that there are people who have started helping us reach our fundraising goals. Thank you so much! We have raised $175 from people helping us chip away at that surprise adoption! We had to send off another I800A supplement 3 today to get a new...NEW I800A approval..haha. Our officer at the National Benefits Center in Lee's Summit, MO is really getting to know my family well! Our last I800A update only took about 3 weeks and that was during the Christmas Holiday, so maybe we can get this bad boy done by the time the Chinese New Year Holiday is over. CNY starts this friday and everything will be closed for 2 entire weeks. I think in the adoption world families are mostly cringing over this 2 weeks of additional waiting on everything....It is almost like a safety 2 weeks for us to keep trying to get together our funds! After this 2 week period is over, we will likely have our I800A approval update back and everything is going to kick into crazy fast whirlwind mode. We are ready....and completely NOT ready at the same time. Mostly I think we are ready...there are lots of logistical things that are probably not ready...bedrooms needs to be changed around, stuff like that. I think that our lives are going to take a wallop on this one...our lives are going to change a lot when we bring home the boys. We live at a crazy pace...homeschool, scouts, work....we are about to really slow down and spend time with each other and learn quickly how to refocus our lives on home. I am looking forward to it and I know I need to make that change before the boys come home so it isn't so much of a change! I also need to start sleeping a little better and a little off to bed with me! Thanks again to everyone who has share with us some of their hard earned money to help get my boys home. I am really honored and grateful!

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jessie said...

I just came across your blog from facebook. We just switched from Ethiopia to the China WCP. I read that you are going through Lees summit for your uscis stuff- we are in pleasant hill. (Sorry i didnt see an email link to email you at so I thought Id try here.) so excited to see someone nearby us! I would love to pick your brain about china adoption and special needs and all that. our blog is my email is My name is Jessie and we have 4 biological kids. Anyway, congratulations on your boys and i hope all goes well and you can bring them home soon!

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