Sunday, January 26, 2014

Unplanned Adoptions?

My family does a lot of planning. We have to...with 7 kids everything takes a lot of planning. My husband is an eagle scout, an engineer, he has personalized 11x17 graph's personalized people...his name is printed on the pads of graph paper. Planning is an integral part of our lives. But it happened. We find ourselves in the whirlwind of an unplanned adoption! Yes we started the process...we planned on adopting. We found Ulysses and were cruising along with everthing completely under control...we were looking at a smooth little process with some grant money from Love Without Boundaries (who totally rock), we had 6 months or so to save up the rest that we needed. No stress, no problems. Then BAM...Crash...we found Holden who is aging out in June. This entire process has surprised me...from the moment my heart told me Ulysses worst case scenario was no big deal up until the moment Keith agreed with me to jump all in and get Holden home. Our agency submitted out LOI on Thursday evening and we had or PA in less than 24 hours people...less than 24 hours! I know that the wait to get kids home is terrible and long and I have been there. Today, I am faced with the reality of the opposite. I am scared that this whirlwind of getting Holden home before he ages out is going to happen too fast for us to save enough money to pay for it. I am truly not the fundraising type. I don't feel like I deserve anyone's help...I don't feel like there is anything I have done to be worthy of anyone's donations. As parents, we will do anything for out kids...and as adoptive parents know...we will do almost anything to get them home. If you feel led at all to donate to our crazy whirlwind, unplanned adoption...we have started a fundraising page here Please pray for our family and a quick and completely uneventful process! Thanks!

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Sarah said...

Oh my God! As a three time adoptive parent....I beyond understand why you are going to bring Holden home. What a truly special child needing to come home now. I couldn't agree more that you should adopt him! As you know life isn't always easy but this is worth it. God Bless you and Holden! PS: I am going to donate. You shouldn't feel badly asking. You should look at it as it is for Holden. It really is for Holden.

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