Saturday, February 1, 2014

Overwhelmed is good....

We finally managed to cobble together a plan for a care package for Han! We ordered a new photo album for him and several things off of Amazon. We ordered a couple of things to send to Ulysses too. I can't wait until everything gets here and I can take a couple of pictures and post the finished care package! I must admit...I was a little overwhelmed with what to get for Han! I stood in Walmart today for about 20 minutes...just completely overwhelmed as to what to get a 13year old to let him know he had a family waiting for him and praying for him. Yes...completely overwhelmed. Today, after I finished shopping...I sat and looked at Chinese-English picture dictionaries once again...completely overwhelmed. Let's hear it for overwhelmed! I haven't even started feeling overwhelmed about Ulysses and his medical issues...what we are going to need to bring for those. Overwhelmed is good...i do believe it is good!

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