Sunday, February 9, 2014


I have a love - hate relationship with social media...especially with Facebook. Let's face it, I found my two sons that we are waiting to bring home on FB. Literally, I saw advocacy posts for them on facebook and then prayed about them and decided to pursue their adoptions. That is huge...the face of my family would be totally different if God hadn't used FB and people on FB to bring us together. There are lots of good things that happen on FB...I have some really interesting friends that I wouldn't really know anything about their lives if it weren't for FB. There are friends from my past that resurfaced because of FB, friends that would have disappeared out of my life if we weren't friends on FB. Do we hang we live across the country, but it is fun to see what is going on with their lives. Our homeschool coop always communicates via FB, there are support groups for families adopting children with Spina Bifida, like groups for families adopting children with Albinism like Han, support group of people adopting through CCAI so they can give us tips. My kids are in bible bowl at our church and they communicate via FB. Another thing I like about FB is the same thing I like about my blog...I can look back and see pictures and what I was doing in the is fun. I can restart my blog and keep track a little better to fill that void. My problem is that my life is really busy, and I have come to the conclusion that sitting on FB is taking precious time away from my family. I hate that. I think I just check in every once in a know ...while I am in the bathroom...I admit it..haha. For a couple of minutes here and there. I am a terrible gauge of how much time I spend on the internet. So I am turning off facebook...well not really turning it off, but I am not going on FB from now until we head to China. I hope I will reclaim enough of my time to keep my house clean and get it ready for my new boys. I hope I will reclaim enough time to spend more time with my kids doing their homework. I hope that I will be able to relax and not rush around so much. I think I sit and let FB suck time away and then I have to rush around to get dinner ready or get the kids to bed or try to get homework ready. I hope that by turning off the computer a lot more, I can set a better example for my kids. They have video games and kindles and I find that all they want to do is sit in front of them and practice the escapism they see me doing. We have a roomfull of board games and fun educational things to do around out house and I hope that I can set an example for them to unplug and turn off computers. Kids learn from example and it is easy to forget that. I need to set a better example so my kids can be better people than I am. So I will still post here...hopefully a lot more with a lot more pictures to document our journey to get Han and Ulysses. I will not be on FB for the next 2 months. I will log into FB the day before we travel to China..whenever that will be!

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