Saturday, February 8, 2014

The calm before the storm

Well, I guess calm is kind of a misnomer. Today is pine wood derby day. I have to get all the kids up in about 5 minutes. My husband has spent the last 2 weeks working his pine wood derby magic on 9 cars. He is an amazing man! I am going to definitely take pictures today of our pinewood derby fun. Violet has her heart set on winning a trophy..I hope it happens for her. The trophies all sat in our house for about a week for the kids to dream about. I am looking forward to pinewood derby being done and trying to get back to a routine around here. I am also hoping that work slows down a little bit. I have had so little time to do some nesting. There are rooms that must be moved around and closets that must be cleaned out and pared down. I know once Chinese New Year is over...things are going to start moving crazy fast in terms of getting Han and Ulysses home. Our dossier is going to go out in one week, according to CCAI. It is possible that our I800A update will be back to us by then and then it will be 100% complete when it goes. If our I800A update isn't back, they are still going to send it and then we will just forward the update when we get it. Last time we updated, it only took 2 weeks so we might have it. I need to get the kids up and rolling, I really feel like when I get home from the pinewood derby today (and after I post some pictures), that I can really focus on getting things ready for our expanding family. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time and donated their hard earned money. I know that this is always the tightest part of the year for us...we are always recovering from Christmas during January and February! Thank you so much for helping us get our boys home!

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