Friday, February 14, 2014

Some snow

We had some snow yesterday. that is an understatement! We were supposed to have 1-3 inches and we had about 12 inches up at our house. I made it to work, but it was a short day because so many people couldn't make it to the hospital. While I was gone, my kids turned into master igloo makers. Even Alex got in on the fun and she hates being cold. Snowmen and snowpigs were constructed and a fun time was had by all! In the afternoon, the snow started melting pretty quick, but everything is still here today. It is going to probably warm up and melt today (I hope!). I always have a hard time deciding which is more important, diong school or doing some serious playing in the snow like yesterday. Math problems can be done any old time, but it is a very rare occurrence that we have so much snow perfect for playing in! My 2 year old is driving me absolutely it is now time to start the day. I am home today with the kids and I am so excited. It seems like a long time since I have been home for a day just to run through the regular routine. I haven't done a week of night shift since December and I really miss the 2 weeks it gives me of being home during the day.

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