Thursday, March 13, 2014


Kristin (the amazing woman that introduced us to our son, Han)managed to find us some pictures of Han getting dumplings during the Lantern Festival. Wow...he is such a big kid! I am so looking forward to meeting him soon. We sent in our I800 and now we wait for our I800 provisional approval. I am a little unclear what magic happens in between the US and China until we travel...but hey that is what my agency is for! There are provisional approvals, article 5's, consulate appointements and Travel approvals. All I know is that soon we will be officially transfered over to the travel department at CCAI and that is when we will find out the final cost of this whole travel thing and will get a preliminary travel plan. The plan will be a little different than their average (posted on the internet) itinerary becuase we will need to travel to 2 different provinces. In the meantime...if you are thinking about needing an awesome new Thirty - One bag...Jes Scheel is very graciously holding a thirty-one fundraiser for us on facebook! We are getting close to travel and if you are thinking about needing a new bag you could get a cool new bag and help support our adoption! Leave a message here if you would like an invite to our fundraising thirty-one party!

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Shannon said...

He is sooo tall!! What a handsome, sweet boy!

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