Sunday, April 6, 2014

Han too

He is not very smily or sassy in this picture like a lot of the other ones.  We actually got 2 more pictures, but there are some other boys in the pictures too.  I suspect, they are his two best friends.  He mentioned them in his answers to our 5 questions.

I can't believe that we will be getting ready to pick them up so soon.  We have been working on our summer scout trips and I have to keep reminding myself that we will have our boys home by then.  We are planning our next Disney trip too...yeah!  We will be packed into that bus!  Mostly, I am looking forward to just staying home and getting to know my new sons.  Too bad we don't have a ping pong table - apparently that is Han's favorite game....don't get any ideas Keith!

Post LOA updates

Pictures are so much fun. that's all I have to say. two weeks ago we got some new pictures and answers to the infamous 5 questions CCAI has you ask about your child (or children) when you get your LOA. Han likes to play ping pong and is super excited and happy to have a family. Ulysses likes to carry around a stuffed bear (maybe the one we sent him...i don't know) and play with his cars (maybe the ones we sent him...I don't know!). We received their measurements and Han is a giant! Well maybe not a giant...but he is 5'5" and weighs 128 pounds and wears a us size 7 shoe! Ulysses is almost exactly Zoe's size in height and weight. We received our provisional approval for our i800 last week and our nvc case was forwarded to GUZ on friday. I filled out their immigration visa's tonight and now we wait for the next step. I am pretty sure we will be travelling the 3rd week of May but i don't even know for sure which of us are will probably definitely (do you like that?!) be keith, me and violet. If Ben and Zeb's passports arrive soon, they will likely come too. We don't have any prices for travelling or any idea how long our trip will actually be. Don't you love the uncertainty of the adoption process!

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