Thursday, May 22, 2014

An early morning

We woke up early this morning and had a "speculator" come to our hotel to exchange our money then we hit the train station for our 8am bullet train.  It was a VERY smooth ride.  The train station in Beijing is HUGE.  We spent about an hour and 10 minutes watching the scenery change from urban to farmland and slowly back to the urban landscape of Shiajiazhuang.  Which I have been saying incorrectly for about 2 months...oh well. 

The ride on the train gave me a little too much time to think.  I thought about how super darn lucky I am that my husband is crazy enough to agree to some of the things I suggest.  I thought about how lucky I have been with all of my kids.  Every single one of them is such a joy and so special.  I can't express how amazingly blessed I have been and how grateful I am for all of these blessings. 

And I prayed all throughout the train ride that I would act the right way, do the right thing when we met Han.  What could this little boy be thinking?  I tried to put myself in his shoes...but there is just no way I can do that.  The big question has been...should I hug him or not the first time we meet.  Yes, seriously...that was the big question. 

Finally we got there.  We took a car straight to the registrar's office and Han was already there with the director of his orphanage.  We knew he was going to be there already...the pressure was on.

When we walked in..he was sitting on a little couch and he stood up nervously.  He looked so much younger than in his photos, and small and so nervous.  Our CCAI guide entered before us and told him I was his new mother..he held his hand out kind of uncomfortably to shake my hand.  Nope..none of that..sorry adoption world..I am a hugger and he got a great big hug.  Keith swooped in for a hug too. 

It took a really long time at the registrar's, so Keith eventually took out the travel tangrams and the two of them tore it up.  Han is smart, he is a talker and he knows exactly the same phrases in English that I know in Chinese and you can bet it is only what I learned watching Kai Lan.

So many things stood out...he was constantly talking and making everyone in the room laugh, he was constantly saying things that were way more insightful than you would expect from a 13 yo.  He constantly wanted to help - he wanted to carry the luggage, pour Keith's water at lunch, hit the buttons on the elevator.  Yes...that might pass quickly since we wouldn't let him get online on the Chinese equivalent to facebook!

Wow...what a kid.  Seriously, there is always worry when you enter in an adoption.  There are the many unknowns and the worst case scenarios that so often scare people away from adopting older children.  My new son is a gem.

We are leaving in the morning to go back to Beijing for some sightseeing with Han.  Some pictures are to follow.


Shannon said...

I can't believe it - you've got him, you really do, he made it! I'm so happy for you all!!

Kelly Raudenbush said...


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