Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting closer to sane...

Ok...probably not a lot closer to being sane...but a little bit. We have managed to make some serious headway on the house and the ginormous moving of the bedrooms. So the only thing left to really clean is our room. Believe me when I tell you...my room is a disaster. When I make my cleaning list...my room is at the very bottom of the list. Thursday will be the day I finish cleaning our room. I took today off from cleaning to try to catch up on laundry and to start the actual packing process. Now I have a list of items that are amatuerishly shoved into a suitcase, a list of what I am supposed to have and now...right now...I am going to compare the two and make a master shopping list for a big family trip to Costco. After I make the big master list..I have to devise meal menus for while we are gone, when we get back and make a master grocery list for that too. Plus I have to get some sleep for the early morning adventure to costco. So i am blogging..hahahaha. We have found a couple of games to play with the boys which won't require too much language. We are ready - ish. It is going to be impossibly hard to leave the other kids for so long in order to pick my new boys up. I know they will be in good hands and they are so darn lucky to have grandparents who are up to the challenge and a fearless babysitter! haha. There are only 4 1/2 more days for me to obsess about these things! I will make it!

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