Saturday, May 31, 2014


You can almost hear the sigh as I type out the name!  We are on our last city in China and it really feels good to be here.  It is warm, there are palm trees, there is  a Starbucks in our hotel people...this is a good place!

We have the number to a Papa Johns delivery, we watched some Baliwood in our hotel room and bought the kids happy meals at the 24 hour mcDonalds next door. 

We also did a little exploring and found a mall very close to our hotel room that has souvenirs written all over it.  We haven't done any souvenir shopping at all because we have been worried about our money lasting until the end of the trip...but now the end of the trip is near and we have some cash left to blow.

For some reason a couple of months ago, Violet decided that there was tons of candy in China.  I'm not entirely sure where she got that idea, but she and I spent like an hour on the seesaw plane we have out in the backyard - flying to "candy china" and bringing back boxes of candy and putting them in an imaginary refrigerator near the dome climber.  Anyway, she asked on Skype while we were here if we were in Candy China and I said no there wasn't a whole lot of candy here.  So she concluded we were in present china and would be bringing her back presents.  So....we are definitely in need of some presents to bring back! haha.

Benjamin is expecting a Chinese yellow blanket.  I would not want to disappoint him in that regard!  There are 16 families with CCAI here at our hotel right now.  Our guide is taking care of us and 3 others.  Tomorrow we are headed on the optional guided tour that will include some shopping. 

Guangzhou is very nice and you can actually see that there is blue in the sky.  I am pretty sure my new boys have probably never seen a blue sky! 

So in summary...Guangzhou good, Keith and I are a tad rejuvenated and I think we are going to make it the rest of the week!  Ulysses is developing an infection at his stoma purulence and much leaking around the stoma.  We have started him on some antibiotics and a serious topical care regimen so we would appreciate prayers for the antibiotics to stop this infection in its tracks! 

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