Sunday, May 18, 2014

hitting the road

We are as ready as we can be! We took some pictures of the kids to take with us..they are excited about filling up the new beds with brothers! Our house is full of people waiting to get two new brothers! We leave at 950am for Beijing and we are so excited. It is totally boggling my mind how all of this will be experienced by Han and Ulysses. What an exciting adventure for us all. I can't wait to start the hard work to become a family. I read somewhere that spending one day in Beijing is the equivalent to smoking 5 packs of cigarettes in one day...nice. We will be flying all day Monday and arriving Tuesday at 245pm. On Wednesday we visit the Great Wall and Thursday we pick up Han...10 days before he ages out. I am dedicated to posting some great pictures during the next 3 weeks! Off to bed...I think I might need to save up some sleep!

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