Friday, May 30, 2014

Last night in Hefei

We are leaving for Guangzhou in the morning and I am soooo glad.  I am so ready to be heading home.  We just have one more week getting visas for the boys then home!

The boys have been very good, but it has become clear some of the issues we are going to have at home.  Ulysses is ummmm...very exuberant!  He is nonstop bouncing around and all over, dad, Han.  I think the first phrase he will be introduced to is "personal space".  He is just so darn full of life.  I expected that he would be more grieving early in the trip...I was wrong! 

Han is a teenage boy trying hard to navigate that weird place between being a kid and being a grown up.  I suspect he had a lot more freedom and control over his life here then he is about to have at home.  There is sooooo much that is going to change for him.  He struggles to be in charge of us everytime we leave the room.  I feel like he is on board with the family thing and is just trying to take care of us.  It is a little frustrating for us because we are the parents and we have no idea what he is ordering for us at Dinner or what he is saying to the waiter.  I understand his behavior is coming from a good place, so it has been a very good lesson for me in terms of letting go of some of my control freak tendancies! haha. 

Ulysses is a first rate, Olympic competitor in pouting when he doesn't get what he wants.  He will give Ben and Zeb a run for their money! He is amazingly resilient

I hope that time flies by in Guangzhou.  So far, I have read 3 books, written out a menu plan for june, done our family budget for june, written out our master weekly lesson plan sheets for each group of kids and family electives (6 different lesson plan sheets), and the master attendance form.  I have also played every free board of free flow on Keith's kindle...ok I am exaggerating..I have only done 450 game boards.

I just really want to go home.  I am sick of smog and carbs and living out of a suitcase. 

One of the books I read while here was by a psychologist named Stephen Birchak.  It is called How to Build a Child's Character by tapping into your Own.   It has been a super read...a super hard read.  Our children's ability to be resilient, content, and to develop a moral compass is directly related to how we treat them and model behavior for them.  I know...duh.  This book was really inspiring.  Keith and I both read it and were both very, very moved to make some changes in our everyday behavior.  I can't recommend it enough!  You can find it at on it's publishers website...Royal Fireworks Press. 

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