Monday, May 26, 2014

Registration Office

This morning we headed back to the adoption center to register Ulysses adoption.  We met his orphanage director there and she was just so sweet.  She was in tears thanking us for making him our son because he is so sweet and special. 

Before today we had one amazing story this trip.  The first night we had Han we were looking at pictures.  I pulled up Facebook to show him some of the pictures on it and he saw a picture of a cross and pointed at the cross...said cross and then pointed at himself.  I pointed at him and asked "Christian?" and he said "yes...Christian".  Ok whether or not we understand each other I am not sure...but it certainly seemed like he was saying he knew about the cross. 

Today was another interesting story told to us by Ulysses orphanage director.  They drove in from Fuyang yesterday early and then caught a taxi to the adoption center.  The taxi driver was so happy that Ulysses was being adopted he donated 51 rmb to us to help take care of him.  That was very unexpected.  I think there are probably very few families who come to china and get a monetary donation from a taxi driver!  It was very encouraging.

After we finalized our adoption of Ulysses (may 26...which is also the day Zebbie's adoption was finalized in Kyrgyzstan), our driver dropped us off at the gate of a very large park.  When Hefei was just a village many years ago there was a moat around a city wall.  That city wall has since been torn down and turned into a road, but the moat remains to mark the city center.  Now there is a giant park inside the moat.  It is a beautiful park with lots of large trees, walking paths, amusement park rides, a zoo, tons of rentable transportation...bumper boats, paddle boats, those balls you run inside of on the water...all kinds of things.  We just walked around today taking stock of all the fun to be had later in the week.  We don't have anything to do until Thursday so we will have lots of time to visit the park. I do have some pictures of the park to post later.

Everyone is doing so good.  The boys just yammer back and forth and Han is starting to say a few words to us in English.  Just a minute ago he was trying to say something to us and got frustrated and grabbed our visual Chinese to English dictionary and looked it up.  He is such a smart one!  He has definitely learned to say Hungry and Tomorrow...yes it is a random combination! haha!

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