Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sightseeing in Beijing

We started off today in a not so promising was pouring rain and Han was in the bathroom with explosive tummy problems.  He would not have been my first choice as to who would be the first one to get sick on our trip!

We launched into immodium therapy and busted out the Thieves Spray from Young Living.  Within a couple of hours the weather improved dramatically and so did Han!  In fact, the weather was perfect for today.  It was cool and misty with a few showers of very light rain.  There was a small wind and perfect temperature. 

We left around 930 and headed to Tiananmen Square and enjoyed the sights.  It was interesting to hear the description of the 1949 "liberation" from our Chinese guide.  My favorite historical tidbit from today was that Mao actually wanted to be cremated, but the state went against his wishes after his death and preserved him in his mausoleum for the people to come worship him.  I wander what he would have though about that!

Then we headed over to the Forbidden City.  There were so many buildings involved in the compound...the sheer magnitude of buildings was impressive and just the size of the compound itself.  It was an interesting trip.

The best part of the trip was after the Forbidden City.  We went to an older part of the city near the forbidden city...I totally forget the name..I think it was Hutang but I am not sure.  We left our car and took rickshaws through the little alleyways to a "common person's" home for lunch.  It was very interesting.  While we were at the Forbidden City, our guide kept saying that it was set up to mirror the common people's home.  Ok...I saw a little resemblance.  There was a main entranceway and a courtyard.  There were little rooms built all around the very small courtyard.  This particular home, in addition to being a "certified" tourist home also raised competitive carrier pigeons.  The little dining room had pictures up of his prizewinning pigeons and close up pictures of their eyeballs.  Not withstanding the eerie décor...the food was super delicious.  I swear I have eaten so much pork since I have been here.  I don't usually like pork, but there is a lot of it around here.  It is also very is ground up really fine and made into little porkballs.  I am a fan. 

After the dinner we rode the rickshaws back to our car.  I am not usually the rickshaw type of girl but there was something very nice about it today with the weather.  Although I must admit - I guess I don't really know a rickshaw type girl is! 

After lunch we went to a tea house and had a very educational tea experience.  In an uncharacteristic move, I also bought a little tea mug and some tea that I liked.  The lunch and teahouse were my favorite part of the day.

Once we were back in the room we played some Uno, watched some Scooby doo and now some sort of Chinese cartoon that is cracking me up.

We will hit the noodlehouse next door tonight.  Tomorrow we head for Hefei.

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