Monday, May 12, 2014

The lists...the shopping..the horror!!!

Oh my goodness. I have now sat down and made 3 separate packing lists. I keep changing my strategy for packing...pack everything I think we will need...pack light we can buy stuff there...pack like a doctor with meds for every eventuality..ok I think I don't need the emergency cricoithyrotomy kit (oh yeah now I totally jinxed myself..)..wait..pack light again. We went half-list shopping today and spent like $500. Seriously..we just need to go pick them up and get home.

We got our final itinerary for the trip was $1500 more than the estimated in country costs...ouch! I looked up all of our hotels on trip advisor thought and I am looking forward to them..they look pretty good.

We arrive in Beijing the afternoon of the 20th and then head to our hotel. The itinerary has a little picture of our rep so we know who to look for at the airport...a nice touch. We are staying at the Sunworld Dynasty looks pretty nice. We are hoping to get a day of touring the Great Wall the first day we are there..but it isn't set up yet so we will see.

We head to Shijiazhuang on the bullet train on Thursday and get our biggest boy, Han, and do all of our registering and notarizing on Thursday..spend one night at the Zhong Mao Hai Yue Hotel - which looks super nice and then head back to Beijing on Friday for sightseeing on Saturday.

Sunday we fly to Hefei and Monday we "receive Ulysses" at the Registration office. We are staying at ....... The Holiday Inn..woohoo. We will be much smarter when we wake up in the morning oh wait it isn't a Holiday Inn Express...darn. We spend the rest of the week in Hefei and leave for Guangzhou on Saturday.

We will be staying at the China Hotel in GZ all week. On Sunday we will be missing Zoe's birthday (sad! she will be 6) On Tuesday, Han will turn 14 and have his medical appointment with lots of birthday bloodwork...yeah needles for your birthday. On Wednesday Keith will have his birthday, on Thursday we will have consulate appointment and on Saturday we will head home.

I feel like it is a whirlwind at the beginning and a whirlwind at the end...but slllooooow in the middle in Hefei and the weekend in GZ. Although, we will be there for the Dragon Boat festival so that should get keep us busy over the weekend. I am really looking forward to being there that weekend.

I have perused many packing lists and probably need to stop doing that! Haha. Tomorrow I am pulling the old suitcases out of the basement (ok Keith is pulling the suitcases out and cleaning them our...eek i hate bugs) and I am just going to pack and THEN make a list and buy what I need. It isn't like we are going to Mars.

I am giddy and unprepared.


Shannon said...

I am exhausted for you, and excited for you and so can't wait to see how this all pans out! Mostly I just wish I was coming along! For the record, I would totally take the emergency cricoithyrotomy kit! I never leave home without one! Okay, so that's the ONE emergency kit I don't leave home without, but I DO have several emergency kits that I carry with me at all times! Things are going to be perfect - I guarantee it. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Shannon! If I need to cric someone I will just use an ink pen. oh the horror! only 4 1/2 more days to obsess!

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