Friday, May 2, 2014

Travel anyone?

We finally got our travel approval Wednesday.  Of course, thursday and today are Chinese Holidays so we won't know until Tuesday exactly which day we are travelling.  If you have been following along...Han ages out on June there are not a lot of travel option for us!  We are either leaving on may 12 or May 19 and we won't know until May 6th which one it is.  Our first choice is May 19th...I will have two weeks of vacation already scheduled so it will be significantly easier for my peeps at work to get a long without me..haha.
It will also be easier to plan travel with more than 6 days to book stuff...yikes!  We still haven't decided who is travelling in all honesty.  We seriously thought that just Keith would go by himself...we even have my specialized power of attorney being authenticated in Washington DC right now.  Wednesday morning I had a huge change of heart and I just really want to there.  Now we are oscillateing between only Keith going or Keith, me, Zeb, Ben, and Violet.  I am not exactly sure how that all happened...but Zeb really wants to go and I think part of the reason is a quest to fill in pieces of his own story.  Benjamin wants to go anywhere that Zeb goes and yes....he has a kinderpack to ride in and that is pretty much the story.  Violet just keeps asking when we are going to China.  Somewhere she has gotten the idea that there is a lot of candy in China and she keeps calling it candy china.  Although I have not officially met my new sons, I feel like they will be happy and excited to have some siblings there.  Also...we really miss our kids when we are out of town and 3 weeks is a long time to be away from everyone. 
I have been obsessing over the packing list...there are a lot of things to pack for 5, but I am even more stressed about packing for the new boys! You should see the crazy huge long list of things to pack that I have laid out...egads!  More on that tomorrow!


Sara Patterson said...

Wow! That's gotta be crazy planning that close!! You'll be in my prayers this next month. May you have peace and joy through the crazy!

Shannon said...

Can I go, too?? So excited for you all!

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