Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We got word today that we are going to be travelling on May 19!  yeah.  That means we will get to China on May 20, travel to Han's province on May 21 and get him first on May 22.  I am so relieved.  I am relieved that we finally have an actual date that we are going to pick him up and that date is before his birthday...phew!  I am relieved that we are not leaving in 6 days.  I will be more relieved when we get this stupid house clean.
It is very hard to do the requisite nesting when the entire house is torn apart from top to bottom trying to re organize the bedrooms...egads!

I am off today (tomorrow!) so I will be able to get some stuff done...of course, I probably would be getting more done if I didn't sit up until 3am researching medical supplies I have to bring for Ulysses..haha.  Oh yeah, and putting potential mother's day gifts into a wish list on Amazon!

We will have some packing to do and I am so excited about it. 

We will pick up Han on Thursday and register his adoption.  On Sunday we will head to Hefei to meet and pick up Ulysses.  I can not wait for that...but I will have to!

We will stay the whole week in Hefei and then head to Guangzhou I think.  The Dragon Boat festival is that weekend so the embassy is closed on Monday.  I am excited to be there for that.  I wonder if we will see rin too kick a boat on top of a pavillion?  Ok Ni Hao Kailan joke...anyone see that one where rin too learns how to be a good loser?

I hope I take some time to blog this week as we pack.  I will be on nights next week at work so I will have lots of time during the day to obsess and get things done.

The whole trip will be from May 19 - june 7.  Not too bad!

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