Sunday, May 25, 2014


I started the morning swearing that I was done eating whole "lose weight in China" plan has been a bust...thank you noodles and fried doughnut sticks!  However, the buffet here was too carbolicious for me to refuse. 

We talked with Han through our guide and told him about Ulysses and asked him to be a good big brother and help Ulysses not be scared. 

Around 915 we met in the concierge level and headed to the adoption center.  Since Ulysses was coming from Fuyang he wasn't there yet.  There were some Italian families getting younger girls from Hefei and they were there already and crying at full volume!  After about 15 minutes, Ulysses got there.

He walked in looking extremely cute and immediately when he saw us he got a terrified look on his face...he was about to lose it.  Keith and I shot into emergency distraction mode...out came the stuffed panda, the toy cars and hard candy...go go go.  It didn't take much to get him laughing and smiling. 

Han jumped in too...taking pictures, playing cars with us and talking to him in Mandarin.  I think Han is just excited to have someone to talk to!  I was so proud of both my new boys...laughing, playing, and giving mom hugs like they are suppose to!  Strangely, the orphanage had brought the translator computer, some foley bags, diapers, a change of clothes, some snacks for him to eat later and 2 bottles of milk.  I haven't ever had that happen before!

I seriously can't believe how darn lucky I am.  Ulysses is full of JOY.  He has seriously not stopped smiling or laughing or just enjoying everything. 

We got back to our hotel room and I gave him a bath...I know the whole adoption world says don't do that, but I wanted to check out and see if he still had a bed sore, see if his AFO's were rubbing his feet wrong, see what kind of foley bag he had...that kind of stuff.  Also, his shoes and AFO's were without socks and it was a whole new kind of stinky feet smell...uggg.

I can not even tell you how much he enjoyed the shower...he just laughed and splashed!

There is a noodle house in our hotel and we headed there after the shower.  His AFO's were rubbing a small place on his foot raw and smelled so bad that they are now wrapped in a plastic bag.  He is still able to get around...I think the AFO's just make it a little bit easier.  He was already visibly getting tired of ambulating by the time we got back to our hotel from the registration center.  So we pulled out our super cool EZ Rider.  I was worried that he would not think a wheelchair would be cool.  He is so excited to walk so I was worried he wouldn't want anything to do with it.  On the contrary, as is consistent with this joy-filled little boy...he was ecstatic to climb in get buckled and roll down the hall.

The floor of the hotel is set up with the elevator in the middle and a giant square hallway that goes around the elevator area.  When we got to the square dad took off running around the square one way with Ulysses and his EZ Rider and Han took off the other way in a loud raucous race!  Oh the squeals of laughter!

We had a delicious and carbed out lunch of noodles, rice and tea.  We came back up to the room and the boys played some games and now we are watching some crazy cartoon on tv that involves moped riding pigs that turn into battling birds. 

We are so darn lucky. 


Missy said...

I wanted to let you know that I'm loving reading your blog!! I was aware of both of your boys and their needs for adoption and was SO HOPING they found their homes and then I found out on a fb group that not only had they both found homes, but they found homes TOGETHER! :oD I'm so happy for you and your family and so happy that it's going so well so far!! I am headed to China, probably in January or February (but who knows?) to adopt a 6 year old girl, and soaking up all the China blogs I can - I've adopted 4 times from EE, but I'm a newbie to China! Thanks for the wonderful read, and congratulations on your wonderful new sons!

Shannon said...

So happy you're all together and things are going well. Ulysses looks so happy!! Now hurry up and just get HOME!

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