Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We're here!

The flight felt very long to Beijing! I must be getting old! We managed to get everything we think are going to need into 2 suitcases and a carryon. Yes...that's right we made to China for a three week trip picking up 2 boys with no extra luggage or overweight charges....it's a miracle! haha. We were also very lucky with the weather...apparently it is the windy season here and according to our guide, a big wind came through and blew all the smog away for our arrival..haha. Which reminded me that I didn't pack an inhaler..oops. Our hotel is in the center of town. There is a very trusted noodle restaurant next door and a 7-11 across the street. I wonder if it is safe to drink slushpuppies in China? I think I won't push it. It is very hot here and our brief trip from the airport to the hotel felt very generic big city. I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of the area. Tomorrow (in 5 hours) we meet our guide for a trip to the Great Wall. I am so excited to take some pictures and post them up here on this lonely old blog. We fought to stay awake last night until bed time...we made it until 7pm. I was so tired I thought I would sleep all night...guess not. We were up at 3am to Skype with the kids. It is extremely hard to be away from everyone...I just wanted to scoop kids up through the computer and give them a great big hug. We packed up a big box of toys to for the kids there. Every night the kids each get a new little toy from the toy box and last night was pinwheels...so they were showing us their new toy. We got them bigger toys for Sunday nights. I really, really hate being away from my kids...ugg! I probably need to try to go back to sleep for another couple of hours.

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